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Reach the highest level of efficiency in your business or personal communications with high performance accessories for your Motorola two-way radio. Having the right accessories for your two-way radios is as important as the actual two-way radios themselves. That is why our Tech Wholesale catalog includes only the top Motorola walkie-talkie accessories that are fully compatible with Motorola radios and walkie-talkies. Do you need extra walkie-talkie batteries or comfortable microphone headsets? Whether you own hundreds of walkie-talkies for your company or you rely on a single pair of radios for home use, you will find all the accessories you need to keep you radios functional and able to best serve your specific needs. Read More Motorola Two-Way Radio Expertise

Motorola has recognized us for our ability to help customers get exactly what they need by bestowing upon us the coveted Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer designation. We have never been merely a money-saving online shopping catalog, and we don't intend on becoming a mere catalog now. While it is true that we feature competitive pricing on Motorola radio batteries and other 2-way radio accessories, we offer much more. Our associates know these products inside and out, and they have worked with many companies and individuals to meet their needs. They can help you find the two-way radio accessories that suit your unique requirements the first time you order.

Premium Lithium-ion Radio Batteries

Our radios all include a battery, but it helps to have extras on hand from our selection of Motorola two-way radio accessories. Our catalog of accessories includes high-quality Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for business, FRS, and GMRS 2-way radios so that you will never be out of power when you need it the most.

Besides reliable power sources, our customers are also looking for Motorola radio accessories such as well-made belt holders, rechargers, headsets, microphones, carrying cases and wall adapters. These are available in our selection of CLS accessories as well as other models. Use our Motorola radio batteries to keep your radios functioning, and add a headset and other accessories for the Motorola radio collections for convenient and comfortable hands-free use.

Headsets, Speaker Microphones and Other Motorola Radio Accessories

Swivel earpiece mics are designed especially for store clerks, hotel workers, restaurant wait staff, factory workers and others who are on the move all day long. With these lightweight, comfortable and discreet headsets, personnel can carry on important company communications while still attending to customers and maintaining a professional appearance. Earpiece headsets also help to keep internal communications private. Speaker microphones should be familiar to anyone who has watched a police show on television. They're perfect for anyone who needs hands-free radio operation but doesn't like wearing a headset or something in their ear. Multi-unit battery chargers will keep your company's entire fleet of radios fully charged and ready to use at any time. You'll also find programming cables, cloning cables and Bluetooth adapters for specific radio models. Basically, we carry everything you need for your two-way radio to use it to its fullest potential.

Best Prices and Service for Motorola Walkie-Talkie Accessories

You can buy two-way radio accessories for Motorola CLS, RDX, DLR, DTR, RM, Talkabout, MURS, M-Series, XTN, HP, CLP, AX, XTN, and GT radios, and you can even find compatible repeaters, base stations and much more. Whatever the Motorola two-way radio accessories you need, we offer them at a great price and with customer service that cannot be beat. Browse our catalog and order today. Most importantly, don't be afraid to contact us with any questions about our products.

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