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Motorola Spirit M-Series Business Radios (MU21CV, MU24CVS)

PLEASE NOTE: M-Series Radios have been discontinued by Motorola but are 100% communication compatible with the new Motorola RDX Series. We still have M-series accessories available.

Don't panic if you're using the discontinued Motorola Spirit M-Series radios in your organization and need to expand your fleet - Tech Wholesale has you covered! As a leading authorized supplier of Motorola two-way radio products, we're extremely knowledgeable about their line of high performance communication equipment. We're fast to offer their latest models and we help your company integrate older walkie-talkies with newer more advanced units. While the Motorola Spirit radio is no longer being made, the Motorola RDX Series radios offer 100 percent communication compatibility. Read More
The most important consideration before selecting an RDX Series radio is where you will be using it. For outdoor use, a VHF radio is recommended, since VHF radio signals will carry further than UHF, so long as it's a wide open area or hilly region with no obstructions. If you'll be using the two-way radio indoors or both inside and outside, choose a UHF radio, since UHF signals can penetrate structures and materials such as concrete, wood and steel. Not only is it preferable for urban settings and inside office buildings. It will also work better around heavily wooded areas. The Motorola RDV5100 is a heavy duty VHF two-way radio, with 5 watts of power, 10 channels, advanced features and repeater capability for an even greater signal range. It is an excellent replacement for the MV11C or the MV24CVS, both VHF radios. The Motorola RDU4100 or the Motorola RDU4160D replace the Spirit MU24CVS UHF radio, providing robust communications indoors or for general use both inside and out. UHF versus VHF is extremely important, because these two types of radios cannot talk to each other. If you have older Motorola Spirit radios, they can be easily integrated with these newer RDX models, but only if they are the same type - that is, either UHF or VHF.

If you have Motorola Spirit radios currently in service, we carry compatible Motorola M-Series accessories for your convenience.

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