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Motorola HKKN4026 CLP Cloning Cable For: CLP radios.

Item # PR-HKKN4026
MSRP Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $10.40
You Save: $4.59 (31%)

Price Includes:

Free shipping when at least 2 radios are ordered.

    Motorola HKKN4026 Description

    HKKN4026 Cloning Cable for Motorola CLP Radios

    CLP cloning cables make duplicating your CLP radio settings a snap! Simply connect your CLP radios via a CLP cloning cable and the magic happens! Your whole fleet of CLP walkie-talkies will work in sync. There's no need to hand program each radio your staff uses to operate smoothly and efficiently to the same frequency and privacy code. The CLP cloning cable does all of that for you!

    Order your CLP cloning cable on a business day and we'll ship it out to you that day. Place your CLP cloning cable after hours and it'll ship the very next business day following your order. We're here to support you with the business radio accessories that make your work easier.

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