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What good is a state-of-the-art Motorola DLR digital radio if you don't have the right accessories to use it at its peak potential? Tech Wholesale has Motorola DLR accessories at low prices, so you can get fully outfitted without breaking the bank. Motorola's digital radios take full advantage of the latest technology, allowing users to make calls to individuals as you would with a cell phone in addition to an entire team. With the exceptional clarity and private communication that's free of interference, you don't want to have that important discussion ruined by a noisy work environment. That's why we carry compatible earpieces and microphones. These aren't bulky headsets that will weigh you down. Motorola DLR radio earpieces are just as sleek and lightweight as the radios themselves. They even make a remote speaker microphone, for people who don't like having something in their ear. Read More
Other accessories that bring out the very best in your DLR two-way radio include high-capacity lithium batteries for up to 12 hours of continuous use and multi-charger units so you can charge your entire fleet of digital walkie-talkies in a short span of time. You'll also find single unit chargers and programming cables. Tech Wholesale, as the largest retailer of two-way radios and accessories for Motorola and Kenwood, has provided tens of thousands of customers with high performance communication products and knowledgeable customer service. Our team of professionals can answer any question you have about these two-way radios and accessories, and they can help you put together the right system for your organization to reach its highest level of efficiency. You'll see a direct link from improved internal communications to greater profits and heightened customer satisfaction.

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