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Motorola's CLS series walkie-talkies are the featherweight contenders that pack a powerful 1, 2-way punch! The Motorola CLS 1110 and the Motorola CLS 1410 weigh-in at just under 5 ounces and stand right at 4 inches high. Lighter still is the burden in learning to use a Motorola CLS radio. Motorola CLS walkie-talkies are made for high turnover industries like fast food, movie theaters, seasonal jobs and retail stores; so that busy managers don't spend loads of precious time and money on walkie-talkie training for an employee that's going to walk out the door in a few months.

Some Great Information Sources for CLS Radios:
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Motorola CLS1410 User Guide

Read More Use of a Motorola CLS handheld 2-way radio is picked up in no time, because they're really just that simple. Both the CLS 1110 and the CLS 1410 feature a easily readable front panel display that reveals everything a worker needs to know in a quick glance. Adding Motorola CLS accessories like an earpiece and microphone makes the radio a natural part of any work uniform.

Ease of use keeps your security team focused on asset protection, not walkie-talkie fiddling. Your store employees will weave a broad net of fast, friendly, responsive customer service across your store's sales floor. Two-way radio communication connects sales staff to stockroom workers, so products and information are always available to your customers.

Having business radios on the job also makes for an employee conscious work environment. Employees feel and work better when they don't have to run all over the place to succeed. Connectivity between public-facing employees, behind the scenes workers and management translates to high productivity and lower operating costs in pretty much every industry they touch. Food and drinks flow in restaurants and movie theater concession stands, as do the kids onto Santa's lap or the thrill seekers into a commercial haunted house. Motorola CLS Push-to-talk! It's easy and effective!

Order your Motorola radio today from and get FREE shipping, plus, Motorola will include a FREE stand-up charger and high-end lithium-ion battery with every business radio sold. Get your Motorola CLS two way radio today at and save.

Motorola CLS User Guide

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