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Get the most from your sleek, compact and lightweight Motorola CLP two-way radio with these Motorola CLP accessories. The CLP is a great radio for setting up a security worker with a surveillance earpiece. Walkie-talkie units that are compact with sleekly designed earpieces allow personnel to quietly communicate with co-workers and supervisors as they check a building or event for suspicious activity.
Motorola CLP radios are designed specifically for customer service businesses like restaurants, hotels, retail stores, caterers and wedding planners. It's the perfect two-way radio for those wishing to convey a polished and professional public image while benefiting from a high performance radio that delivers clear audio with user variable volume for loud environments. To ensure that Motorola created the CLP radio that would meet the service industry's unique needs, Motorola business radio engineers and designers met with insiders to listen to what they want in a service industry walkie-talkie.

Comfort and convenience meet class in Tech Wholesale's selection of CLP radio accessories. The CLP portable walkie-talkie is designed to work with business radio accessories as it has no external speaker or microphone. Your staff will love the streamlined look and high functionality of the earpiece with short cord, the swivel earpiece with inline PTT (push-to-talk) microphone and the discreet surveillance earpiece. For the Motorola surveillance headset to be effective, it needs to have a very low profile, and this one definitely does. The CLP radio can be worn clipped to a belt with a swivel belt holster or attached to a uniform or business suit with its specially designed CLP magnetic case.

Added battery life for longer shifts and impromptu events is no sweat when you've got a CLP high capacity battery in your walkie-talkie. The CLP high capacity battery is larger than the standard battery, so don't forget to include the CLP high capacity battery door in your CLP radio accessories order. For ease in adjusting your business radios to your liking, you'll also want to include a programming cable and cloning cable on your business radio accessories list.

If you have any questions or concerns about which CLP radio accessories you need for your enterprise, please don't hesitate to call or email. We're here to help you make the best choice in business radio accessories for your unique needs.

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