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Motorola 56531 6-Unit Mult-charger For:CLS DLR radios.

Item # PR-56531
MSRP Price: $229.99
Sale Price: $179.00
You Save: $50.99 (22%)

Price Includes:

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    Motorola 56531 Description

    Multi-unit charger

    56531 Two Way Radio Multi-Unit Charger
    Charges six radios OR six batteries at one time (does NOT charge individual batteries simultaneously with radios.)
    br> Multi-charge! Marshall the troops in one fell swoop with a CLS or DLR multi-unit charger. The CLS or DLR multi-unit charger lets you drop-in your DLR or CLS radios.

    Added benefits are that all of your CLS walkie-talkies are corralled into one place. The days of wandering around scratching your head as to where the cashier radio has gone will linger only in the past. CLS or DLR multi-unit chargers also condense radio charging efforts to one outlet, so you've got more room to charge cellphone and ipod and ipad...

    Bang for your buck only happens when you've got charged batteries, right? Well, the CLS or DLR multi-unit battery charger brings bang for your buck times 6!

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