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Fortify critical field communications with a high performance military grade walkie-talkie. Our handheld radios are frequently used by all services of the military. It's important to get your specifications right when selecting your radios. These pointers can help:

Whether you're out on patrol with your unit or in the middle of a combat situation, you know how important clear communication is for winning the battle, avoiding danger, and protecting the country. You can't afford to be without the tools you need to stay in touch with the base and other unit members, and that is why you have to be prepared with the best military walkie-talkie sets available. You'll find these radios and walkie-talkies right here at Tech Wholesale. Read More Two-Way Radios to Meet the Needs of Military Service

We are one of the largest providers of army walkie-talkie devices and accessories in the country. Our years of experience in this business have equipped us to meet the needs of everyone who is looking for a quality handheld radio, especially our military service men and women. We have assisted the U.S. Coast Guard, United States Army, the Department of Justice and many other branches of the military and the federal government in acquiring the military two-way radio devices and walkie-talkies that will best fit their unique needs.

Our shop includes the same Motorola military radios that have been making a difference in the armed forces for decades. It was the armed services that first developed two-way radios for assistance in battle, and these same forces continue to use military walkie-talkies today in a variety of ways. Soldiers can use radios such as our Motorola's RDX series radios to radio in for air support, stay in contact with commanders on a mission and much more. These RDX series UHF radios were developed specifically with military applications in mind, so they hold up well under fire and keep soldiers in touch in even the most trying conditions.

Heavy Duty Smart Design for Rugged Everyday Use

These radios have many advanced features that make them especially suitable for harsh field conditions. This includes a die-cast metal chassis with polycarbonate housing that can take a lot of knocks and keep performing in top condition. These military service radios meet MIL-STD 810 C, D, E and F for resistance to water, dust, vibration and shock. They also conform to IP-54/55 standards and are able to withstand high-powered jets of water. Whatever you can throw at them, they can handle. They feature enhanced noise reduction and business-exclusive frequencies, letting you hear clearly in noisy environments without interference or crosstalk. This also keeps conversations private and secure. The radios include customer programmable software, easy cloning of radio settings and voice activated operation. Depending on the model, other features you'll find include high-capacity battery power, FCC narrowband capability, a backlit display, removable antenna and the ability to use with a base station to further increase the radio's signal range.

Options and Accessories for Military Walkie-Talkie Radios

These rugged military-grade two-way radios are available as 4-channel, 10-channel and 16-channel units, from 2 to 4 watts. This will give you coverage from 250,000 to 350,000 square feet outdoors and 20 to 30 floor indoors. When you browse our military walkie-talkie shop for radios that are built to military specifications, you will also find accessories  that improve the user experience. Use a cloning cable to instantly duplicate settings across radios and get them in service more quickly. Increase the range of your radios with a handy repeater. From batteries to headsets to spare antennas and more, we have everything you need for your radio or walkie-talkie.

We are a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer, so you always benefit from our knowledge of the product and the most helpful customer service in the business. Contact us by phone or email, and we will gladly assist you. We are committed to helping our military heroes get the army walkie-talkie supplies that they need, and we are here for you no matter how many radios or accessories you need to fully equip your unit.

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