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Two-way radios for masonry businesses will help your company attract new customers and get repeat business. Read this article to learn how giving your workers easy access to timely information and keeping them informed about changing specifications and client requests can reduce project time and greatly improve customer satisfaction. We'll show you how walkie-talkies for masonry companies can help you build your business.

Best Walkie-Talkies for Masonry Work
Before deciding on the best two-way radio for your particular business, you have to consider whether you'll be doing most of your communication indoors or outdoors. That's because VHF radios have the widest range outdoors, but only if there are no obstructions such as buildings, machinery or even a dense stand of trees. For indoor use, UHF radios are recommended, as their signals can penetrate concrete, wood and metal. Masonry work is typically done outdoors. However, most often there is a house or some other structure nearby, and a worker might also need to communicate from their vehicle on the premises. Therefore, a UHF radio is best, as they're recommended for indoor use or for indoors and outdoors. You'll want a walkie-talkie that is built especially for harsh conditions, as there may be dust, rain and extreme temperatures to contend with.

Military Spec Radios for Masonry: Tough and Dependable
Tech Wholesale is an Authorized Dealer for Motorola two-way radios, and we recommend the Motorola RMU2080 for the industrial-strength, heavy duty needs of masonry work. These radios meet military specifications MIL-STD 810 C, D, E and F as well as being IP54/55 compliant. This means that these radios are resistant to dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and high-powered jets of water, so they're ideal for outdoor work where you don't know what to expect. The RMU2080 also features exclusive business frequencies for secure communications, and it includes NOAA weather radio with alerts, a great feature for your outdoor crews.

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