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Working with two-way radios in your manufacturing plant will increase safety and productivity for you and your employees. No, they won't pull you out of a machine, but two-way radio communication onsite helps deploy a rapid response when something goes down and seconds count. Your employees will feel better knowing that, rather than yell for help and hope someone hears their call in the loud din of your busy manufacturing plant, they can simply push a button on their manufacturing two-way radios and be heard for sure.

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Productivity will skyrocket when manufacturing team members can stay connected across different areas of the plant. People will feel more at ease about asking questions and won't have to walk around aimlessly looking for the right person with the answer. They'll know the foreman is on channel 2 or the X Machine whiz listens to channel 6. Manufacturing employees can coordinate breaks and keep everyone informed as to what's happening on the line. Two-way radios for business just make sense.

Motorola offers a diverse selection of business 2-way radios, and sells them for affordable prices with free shipping. What's not to love?

Motorola's CLS radios are perfect for smaller, budget conscious businesses that need an easy to use radio that employees can pick up in a heartbeat. User friendliness is one of the CLS two-way radio's main selling points. If your plant sees a high employee turnover and you'd like to cut down on training time, CLS walkie-talkies are a popular choice. The Motorola CLS 1110 and CLS 1410 transmit and receive up to 200,000 sq. ft and up to 15 floors high in a building and reach up to 5 miles outdoors. They pack quite a punch for a 1-watt radio that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge! These business two-way radios really pack a punch.

Maybe you run a messier operation that requires a radio that's built to military specifications and a larger two-way radio coverage area. Well, you need look no further than our collection of Motorola RDX handheld radios. Motorola's RDX models deliver their high durability through their die-cast metal chassis housed in a tough polycarbonate casing. Built to last under duress, RDX two-way radios can withstand extremes of temperature, shock, dust, moisture, salt, fog, and vibration. The RDU 2020 and RDU 2080d work on 2-watts, offer multiple channel communication, and cover up to 250,000 sq. ft and up to 20 floors. Want more? Check out Motorola's 4-watt, repeater capable, multi-channel communication radios the RDU 4100 and RDU 4160d!

Nowadays, even walkie-talkies are going digital! Motorola brings you the DTR, digital business two-way radio that operates on the 900MHz ISM-band. As with all Motorola's two-way radios for manufacturing, the good points are just too many to number. A few of Motorola's DTR handheld radio highlights include: NO FCC business licensing fee, text and contact list, cell phone-like usability without the very cell phone-like bills, superior range and signal strength of a 4-watt radio and excellent battery life to the tune of 14.5 hours on a single charge. In short, these manufacturing two-way radios are a huge boon to any manufacturing business.

Want some help sorting through all the ins and outs of making this very important business radio investment? Just ask! is wholly committed to serving our customers. We'd love to hear from you via phone and/or email.

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