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Stay Connected With a Powerful Radio for your Large Hotel

You're in the hospitality business, so it's in your best interest to keep your hotel… well… hospitable! 

Crafting a perfect guest experience requires a lot of different parts moving together as one. 

Thankfully, you've landed on the internet's ultimate resource page for large hotel radios. 

An inhospitable large hotel is one that has little to no internal communication. 

There's kitchen staff, maintenance, front desk, management, and so many other teams and moving parts to manage and operate efficiently. Without a quality, name brand radio system in place, you won't be able to count on clear and effective communication. 

Lack of communication results in guest services being delayed or poorly received. Reviews tank. Reservations drop. Soon the only movement through your lobby is a tumbleweed rolling in the breeze. 

That's why you can't just go out and grab the first cheap, knock-off radio you see.

What if the radio you pick isn't strong enough to cover your entire hotel? What if you have a large staff and multiple teams but only one channel to communicate on? 

Purchasing a radio can't be a decision made haphazardly.

And no one on Amazon is going to walk you through your purchase. No one at Best Buy is going to create a custom quote for you.

That's why you should consider Tech Wholesale for your large hotel radio needs. 

We stock only name brand Motorola and Kenwood radios, and we want you to understand them inside and out before you lay down any money. 

We want you to fully understand which radio is right for you because no two hotels have the exact same needs. A device that works for one hotel might not work for you, and vice versa.

Throughout this article, you're going to see some truly stellar radios, along with reasons why we believe they're some of the best hotel radios in the world. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to Tech Wholesale at 888-925-5982. We also have a live chat button on our website. Just look in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 

You can also reach out via our website contact form, where we would be happy to answer your questions. 

If, throughout this article, you see a radio that you think would be perfect for you, contact us for a free personalized quote.

What Do You Need in a Large Hotel Radio? 

All of your guests want to be treated like VIPs. When someone stays in a big hotel it's part of the fun. 

And you work hard to create that VIP-level service. It would be a shame if all of that is undone or undercut by poor communication. 

However, when your communication game is on point, it makes service seamless. 

For instance, let's take a glimpse at the communication required for the check-in process:

  • Is the guest's room ready? 
  • Where's the baggage attendant? 
  • Is the valet parking prepared to receive your guests? 
  • Etc. Etc.

By using a powerful two-way radio, you have the answer to all of these questions literally at your fingertips. That's some serious customer service.

Now your guests are impressed with your business and what it can do. You've instilled in them a sense of safety and efficiency. 

You've made them feel like a VIP. (Even if they're not paying VIP rates)

Because hotels need to be able to communicate with staff both inside and out, they should be using a UHF radio. 

Unlike VHF radios, which are designed specifically for outdoor use, the UHF signal is effective at getting around obstacles both indoors and outside. To learn more about UHF vs. VHF radios, click here

You're also going to need a powerful device that can go up several floors. 

It's also a good idea to make sure you're getting a radio with multiple channels. Channels will let you segment your staff, so baggage attendants aren't interrupted by messages from valet parking. Valet parking won't be interrupted by housekeeping, managers, security, and so on.

That's why we've found the Motorola RDX series to be ideal for large hotel use. 

These devices feature easy configuration and cloning, making setup a breeze. On top of that, they're made to military specifications, meaning they can be dropped without breaking. 

Depending on the size of your hotel, you also might want to consider using a repeater to double the range of your walkie talkies. 

If you don't know your specific radio needs, that's not a problem! Call the professional experts at Tech Wholesale at 888-925-5982. 

We will chat with you about your radio and help you make the best decision possible. 

Best Large Hotel Radio Models 

Motorola RDU4100

Our first recommendation for a large hotel two-way radio is the Motorola RDU4100. This is a UHF Radio, meaning your indoor communications are going to be clear.

It has a wide indoor range of up to 30 floors, meaning that even tall convention center hotels will be no issue. 

Your outdoor staff will be happy as well. The exterior range of three miles will work well for parking lot attendants and groundskeepers. 

As for channels, a whopping 10 channels are waiting to accommodate a massive workforce. 

On top of that, the lithium-Ion battery that comes standard with every unit will have no issue staying charged throughout the day. Its battery life lasts for up to 18.5 hours. 

And it can take a beating. 

That's because it comes equipped with a metal die-cast chassis covered in polycarbonate to meet military standards. 

What does that mean for you? 

It means you have a radio that can be dropped from a construction scaffold without breaking. It's going to be able to withstand the wear and tear brought on by your average hotel with no problems. 

Finally, you're going to experience crystal clear communication thanks to noise reduction technology. It reduces ambient noise so that even in noisy environments like a crowded lobby, communication can be heard. 

If all of this sounds ideal, then perhaps you've found your perfect radio match in the Motorola RDU4100. Contact us now to request a customized quote

Motorola RDU4160d

Next up is the Motorola RDU4160d. 

If the RDU4100 didn't have enough channels for you, then this is the droid you're looking for. 

There are 16 channels on this bad boy. If you have a huge staff, then that's the segmentation of departments you've dreamt of. 

It's also a powerhouse, equipped with a whopping four watts of power. To that end, it's a little heavier than some of the other radios at 10.3 ounces, but it's a total tank.

This is another radio with a 30-floor range that works for up to three miles outdoors. And if you need more than that, it's repeater ready, so turn that 30 floors into 60 and that three miles into six.

It also has 89 business exclusive radio frequencies, so you won't pick up vacationers staying in your hotel who are using walkie talkies for a theme park visit. 

And the cherry on top? It's just as tough as the 4100, meeting military standards. 

If your hotel needs the full power of the RDU4160d, then we've got you covered. Reach out now for a fully personalized, 100% free quote

Want to Learn More? 

In large hotels and resorts like yours, team communications can be the key to running a successful business. 

You know it, we know it, and your guests know it. 

The presence of a quality name brand UHF walkie-talkie radios like those featured above will help you streamline your efforts and improve the overall customer experience for your guests. 

We've got you covered. The radio experts at Tech Wholesale are going to match you with the radio that fits your specific needs. 

If you still have questions after reviewing this page, you can reach out to us anytime via live chat, contact form, or call us at 888-925-5982. 

If you know the radio you want, contact us to receive a personalized quote. 

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