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Provide your hotel guests with VIP service with the help of robust walkie-talkies for hotels, for top-notch internal communications and fast response. When guests check-in to your hotel they want a welcoming experience that's smooth and glitch free. One of the best ways to give your customers the warm welcome they pay for is equipping each member of your staff with a hotel walkie-talkie. From the moment guests glide through your revolving doors, connected two-way radio communication on the part of your hospitality staff will ensure that their needs are met.

A hospitality walkie-talkie lets the reception desk radio housekeeping for a quick answer to, "Is Room 347 ready"? Bam! The Browns are checked-in. Now they want to go upstairs and freshen up. Reception simply smiles and radios a bell staffer who's there in a flash with a luggage cart. On the way to the elevators, the Browns pass a member of your security staff listening to a perimeter report on their walkie-talkie. They feel safer and more at home already. Security radio sets make a bigger impression on your hotel guests than you think.

To add extra polish and panache, why not outfit your public facing, hotel receptionists with a headset mic. Or perhaps snazz up security with the secret service look of a discreet earpiece and mic. It's a good bet your hotel's concierge will love the convenience of a push to talk or VOX (voice activated) earpiece and mic. No matter what they choose, every employee will feel at ease when they can select from our wide array of two-way radio accessories and work with their hotel radio sets in a way that's natural for them.

When you're looking for the best walkie-talkie for hotels, be sure and consider products from the two-way radio industry leader, Motorola. Motorola's been in the business of walkie-talkie design and manufacture since the Second World War and they know what their hospitality clients need from their hotel radio equipment. Some of their star UHF business radios are the RDX series walkie-talkies: the repeater capable RDU 4100 and RDU 4160. The RDU 4100 is a 4-watt radio that offers 10 separate channels of communication over 89 business exclusive frequencies. With 213 privacy codes at your disposal, you're sure to find a chatter-free frequency to conduct your hotel business uninterrupted.

Want more channels, plus a user programmable front panel display? Watch the RDU 4160d step up to meet your hotel business needs and then some! 16 channels of communication will enable you to divide your radio conversations among separate groups, allowing for distraction free work shifts. A 4-watt model with 350,000 sq. ft and up to 30 floors of radio range, the RDU4160d is indispensable to keeping your hotel staff connected when they need to be.

All of the Motorola RDX series radios are easily configured, cloned or tweaked via your PC using free downloadable software. In addition, the RDX radios are rated IP 54/55 and made to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f. This means they're ready for duty - heavy hospitality duty. Motorola knows every business radio takes an occasional beating on the job.

If you need any help making your hotel radio set selection or configuring your walkie-talkies to your hotel's unique needs, please don't hesitate to get on the horn or shoot us an email with your questions and concerns. That's why we're here.

NOTE: If your facility is larger than the range-size covered by the following radios, you may need to consider adding a repeater to effectively double the range of your handheld two-way radios.

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