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Keep the complex moving parts of a large farm (mechanical, human and animal) all running smoothly in sync with each other when you use a rugged and reliable farming two-way radios. Life on a large farm means hard work and a lot of ground to cover. Keeping a big farm running smoothly is a huge responsibility. Mother Nature waits for no one. Animals must be cared for day in and day out. Farming requires a steady flow of feed, water and veterinary care. It's a job for a strong team that's well connected. Keeping supplies moving is where two-way radios step in and make things easier. Everyone knows what needs doing and who's doing it. Farm hands can also report in and keep owners and managers informed when animals are sick and a vet is needed. Everything on a farm revolves around communication and teamwork to keep the farm running like a well-oiled machine.

Maybe you've got crops? Crops need tending, of course, and that's not a one-person job. Out in your amber fields of grain, you might not have too many cell phone towers, so reception can be a big issue- in addition to the expense of the monthly bill. Not so with walkie-talkies. Buy 'em, get yourself a business license and you're set. Two-way radios pay for themselves in no time when you consider the boost to productivity, being able to radio for anything you need while you're out working your land. Tractor breaks? Radio for a part or a pickup. That's the simple life. Tech Wholesale carries high performance, extremely durable farm and tractor radios for sale, in addition to repeaters for even greater signal range.

Of course, come harvest time, farmers work some long days. Radio communications equipment for ranch use keep you in touch with your family, so those long days don't feel so lonely. Should you be needed in an emergency, folks back home know where to find you. You may be way out in the middle of a cornfield, but you're right there on Channel 1!

Speaking of emergencies, farmers are killed or injured every year by accidents or farm equipment malfunction out in the field. Time is precious when you're bleeding and help can't hear you holler. Two-way radios turn into life rafts when you can radio back to home base for medical assistance. Treating an injury sooner rather than later helps lessen the chance of permanent disability. Your loved ones will feel a lot better knowing you've got your walkie-talkie out there.

Plus, handheld radios protect more than life and limb. They can help you protect your farm's assets from theft, too. Theft of animals and farm equipment costs struggling farmers a lot of time and money. Having a portable VHF two-way radio makes it easy to keep inventory and report missing livestock or equipment and stop thieves in their tracks.

Browse these exceptional Motorola farm radios. Business radio industry leader, Motorola, makes the perfect two-way radio solution for your large farm. Outdoors across long distances, you're going to want to go with the VHF band. VHF sound waves travel close to the ground and reach farthest outdoors. Motorola's biggest, baddest, most durable VHF business radio is the RDV5100. Pushin' 5-watts of solid engineered VHF radio frequency technology, the RDV 5100 features 10-channel communication on 27 business exclusive frequencies and broadcasts across a range of up to 300,000 sq. ft and up to 18 floors indoors. Should you need to extend the range of your two-way radios, the RDV 5100 is built to work with a repeater. Made to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f and IP54/55 rated, your RDV5100 can handle the heavy dirt and duty of your large farm business.

Need help making your selection or setting up your farm walkie-talkies? Give us a shout via email or phone and we'll jump in to help.

NOTE: If your facility is larger than the range-size covered by the following radios, you may need to consider adding a repeater to effectively double the range of your handheld two-way radios.

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