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Two-way radios for landscaping crews are highly effective in keeping your team operating at full power. Join the thousands of Fortune 500 companies and other organizations that know how valuable effective radio communication is for improving worker efficiency and achieving faster job turnarounds, satisfied customers, increased client referrals and more robust earnings Walkie-talkies for landscaping crews are a proven way to mow down the competition and enjoy growing profits.

Two-Way Radios for Landscaping: Grow Your Business!

A landscaping company has unique challenges to efficient communication that other companies don't. Most of the time, your team is outdoors, away from office phone lines. And yet, they need to stay in touch. A supervisor may have just heard from a client with a last-minute request. Or a landscaping crew may have been dispatched to a large property and a worker may need additional support or tools. Rather than trying to call individual people on a cell phone, with a walkie-talkie they can broadcast a request or directive to the entire team. Two-way radios for landscaping keep crew members, supervisors and drivers all on the same page, working efficiently for their clients. Another challenge is that since the job is done outdoors, weather is certainly a factor, as is dust and other debris. It's not a good environment for cell phone use.

Best Two-Way Radios for Landscaping
The Motorola RMU2080 radio is ideal for landscaping crews. It offers 8 channels and 2 watts of power, enough to cover up to 250,000 square feet outdoors. They feature long battery life, noise-reduction technology, dedicated business frequencies and digital privacy codes. They're also FCC narrowband ready and they include NOAA weather channels with alerts, a great feature for those who work outdoors. One of the most important features for landscaping radios is durability. Built to MIL-Spec and IP-54/55 standards, these heavy duty radios can withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust and high-powered jets of water.

An alternative to the RMU2080 is the Motorola DLR digital radio. These advanced radios operate at 900MHz, making them FCC license-free. With no screens or moving parts, they're extremely durable, and they have the inner workings of professional-grade radios. Since they're digital, the signal is clear with no static, and they're as powerful as a 4-watt UHF radio, yet they use only 1 watt. Landscapers will also appreciate the cell phone features, such as being able to talk to a single person privately.

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