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Kenwood Rebate - Order 6 qualifying radios of the same model and send in the completed rebate, Kenwood will send you $100-$200 per 6 radios. Plus, a free multi-unit charger.

More Rebate Details Simply purchase Kenwood’s ProTalk® Series Radios during our End User Rebate Program Apr. 1, 2018 - July, 31, 2018.

Please complete the online registration form with the required information to receive your rebate. Must be done on or before January 10, 2019.

For assistance, please call 1-800-953-3098.

For complete rules and regulations to qualify for this rebate, please visit the On-line rebate registration:

For complete rules and regulations or to qualify for this rebate, please visit the On-line rebate registration:

End User Up to $200 + Multi-Charger Rebate 08/01/2018 - 12/31/2018

This offer runs from 08/01/2018 until 12/31/2018. Mail all required documentation to the address listed on the mail-in form or upload required documentation directly to this website. Submissions must be postmarked or uploaded by 01/15/2019. Rebates will be issued in the form of a prepaid card. Limit (15) rebate card(s) per person. P.O. boxes are not allowed for this offer, unless required by state law. Reproduction, purchase, sale or trade of proof-of-purchase or cash register receipt is prohibited. Fraudulent submissions could result in federal prosecution under the mail fraud statute (Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1341 and 1342).

The following products qualify for this offer:

Product Rebate Value NX-240V16P $200.00

NX-240V16P2 $200.00

NX-340U16P $200.00

NX-340U16P2 $200.00

PKT-23 $100.00

TK-2360ISV16P $200.00

TK-2400V16P $125.00

TK-2402V16P $150.00

TK-3230DX $100.00

TK-3360ISU16P $200.00

TK-3400U16P $125.00

TK-3402U16P $150.00

The following items must be submitted to qualify for this offer:

  • The completed registration form from this site -
  • A copy of the sales receipt or online invoice showing the eligible product(s) purchased.
  • The serial number from the product purchased with your submission.

    Qualifications: $100-$200 Gift Card with purchase of six (6) radios for a maximum of ninety (90) radios:

    To claim your rebate, register online at:

    1. Access the rebate by entering offer code 84869.

    2. Complete and submit the online rebate form.

    3. Include a copy of the invoice from your Authorized Kenwood Dealer or Distributor dated between 08/01/18 and12/31/18.

    4. Rebate claim information must be postmarked or submitted on or before January 15, 2019.

    $100 Eligible Model PKT-23 Gift Card Eligible Model + Multi-Charger TK-3230DX

    $125 VHF Models TK-2400V16P GiftCard UHFModels + Multi-Charger TK-3400U16P NX-P500

    $150 Gift Card + Multi-Charger

    VHF Models TK-2402V16P UHF Models TK-3402U16P

    $200 Gift Card + Multi-Charger VHF Models NX-240V16P NX-240V16P2 TK-2360ISV16P UHF Models NX-340U16P NX-340U16P2 TK-3360ISU16P

    Qualifications: $20-$35 rebate per radio with purchase of six (6) radios for a maximum of sixty (60) radios: Claim Rebate Online:

    Promotion offer code: 84869

    For assistance, please call 1-800-953-3098.

    1. Eligible radios listed above must be sold, delivered and invoiced to the Business End User during the promotion period (August 1, through December 31, 2018).

    2. Minimum 6 units of the same Radio with maximum 90 radio rebates allowed per Business End User/Company. Rebate models listed are subject to availability.

    3. Up to the value for the free multi-unit charger on each qualifying purchase of 6 radios is 6 PKT-23 or TK-3230DX Radios - $369, 6 NX-P500 - $240, 6 TK-2400V16P or TK-3400U16P - $380, 6 TK-2402V16P orTK-3402U16PRadios-$310,6NX-240V16P2,NX-340U16P2,NX-240V16P,NX-340U16Pradios $335, and 6 TK-2360ISV16P, TK-3360ISU16P radios $259 (up to maximum qualifying limit).

    4. NO Gift Card or Multi-Chargers will be paid on radios delivered before or after the promotion period, regardless of invoice date.

    5. All invoices must show all radio original sale prices and must not be altered in any way.

    6. Leased/rented radios are not eligible for this rebate program.

    7. Gift Cards and qualifying Multi-Chargers will be mailed to the Business End User company within 8-10 weeks from submission of rebate qualification. Gift Cards and Multi-Charger will be delivered at different times.

    8. PO Boxes are not allowed for this promotion.

    9. To receive the product after each purchase of six (6) qualifying radios (limited to a maximum of 15 total redemptions), End-User must completely fill out the online submission form available at and supply all requested documentation.

    10. Model and claim information must be registered on-line on or before January 15, 2019 using program offer number: 84869.

    11. This promotion may not be combined with any other promotional offers, rebates, coupons or discounts. This promotion is not transferable. Any requests that do not comply with the terms of this promotion will be rejected. This promotion is subject to all local laws and regulations.

    12. Rebate Program is for Business End Users only and not for individual use. Kenwood Dealers, Resellers, Distributors and Associated Employees are ineligible to participate in this Rebate Program.

    13. “ONLY” End Users may complete and submit this rebate promotion.

    14. This or the rebate claim form has no cash value.

    15. This offer is good only for residents of the USA and Puerto Rico and is void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

    16. Materials received become the property of Kenwood and cannot be returned.

    17. Fraudulent use or submissions could result in prosecution under the U.S. Mail Fraud Statutes.

    18. Kenwood reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue this promotion at any time without prior notice.

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