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Boost your company's profits by realizing the full potential of your Kenwood two-way radio system. As an official Kenwood ProTalk Dealer, Tech Wholesale offers a full line of premium Kenwood radio accessories, expert product knowledge and quality customer service. We don't just sell you a product - we help you get the right radio and compatible accessories so you can use them comfortably and efficiently. As a user of Kenwood walkie-talkies and two-way radios, you already appreciate the convenience of these devices for internal business communications or personal use. If you think that these radios are too cumbersome to carry them by hand, you'll be interesting in hearing about the sleek earpieces with microphones that can be worn discretely for private communications, compact speaker microphones that attach to the shoulder and belt clips that allow for easy carrying and usage. With the right accessories, you can get the performance you expect from your equipment and maintain efficiency. We are proud to provide Kenwood radios and the Kenwood radio accessories you need to improve your communications.

We carry a full line of Kenwood two-way radio accessories that are compatible with many of the popular models. You'll find accessories for the Kenwood PKT-23, TK3230 and other radios. As a wholesale provider of Kenwood accessories, we will help you find professional 2-way radio accessories that are in your price range, whether you are buying for a large company, small business or family use.

For our selection of superior Kenwood two-way radios, accessories in this section are specifically designed for specific popular Kenwood radio models. There are Kenwood radio accessories to improve your efficiency, such as earpiece microphones and headsets that allow easy, hands-free operation of your radios. Another valuable accessory, especially for those with demanding, hands-on occupations, are speaker microphones. They let users communicate while they continue to work, and they're ideal for those who don't like to wear a headset or have something in their ear.

In addition these Kenwood two-way radio accessories, we also supply replacement batteries, single and multi-unit chargers, antennas, carrying cases and belt clips. Belt clips can be used in conjunction with earpieces for hands-free, efficient use of these radios and replacement antennas improve the strength of your VHF or UHF frequency, allowing for smoother communication between professional users. You can also replace a whip antenna with a stubby antenna for a more compact unit that's easier to carry around when you're indoors and don't require as great a range.

Don't risk being stuck with a dead radio; our lithium batteries and chargers help make sure that you have all the power you need when you need it. Multi-chargers in our selection of Kenwood accessories are a must if you have to keep several radios ready for use in your company. These high performance multi-unit chargers will eliminate any maintenance downtime.

How can these Kenwood radio accessories generate greater company profits? In the case of customer service, such as wait staff, retail clerks, special event coordinators, contractors and hotel staff, quality internal communication is essential to keep the operation running smoothly. However, it's also important to always be serving the public with the utmost professionalism. It becomes necessary for personnel to multitask; to be able to ask and answer questions with co-workers and supervisors while attending to the customer's needs and requests. This requires a compact radio that's easy to use in the hands-free mode. Chargers and replacement batteries keep companies fully operational at all times, which leads to faster turnarounds of jobs, quicker response to questions and issues and greater customer satisfaction.

Our prices and selection make it easy to stock up on all the two-way radio accessories by Kenwood that you need. We arrange accessories by radio model, so selecting the right products for the radio model you have is simple. We also recommend that you verify all product compatibility with your radio of choice prior to placing your order with us. Our knowledgeable customer service team at Tech Wholesale can answer any questions you have about these accessories.

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