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Two-way radios for janitorial services is a smart investment, as they allow for workers to meet the needs of customers in a timelier manner. Thousands of companies have discovered the huge impact two-way radios can make on employee productivity, customer satisfaction and business profits. Spend a few minutes to read how a walkie-talkie system can help you mop up your competitors.

How Walkie-Talkies for Janitorial Services Can Be Used
Consider this - your cleaning crew is dispatched to a large office building. A worker sees a problem on the 5th floor that requires immediate attention. With a two-way radio, they can notify other personnel or their supervisor and get the additional support they need to get the job done. Crew members can be easily and quickly dispatched as needed to different parts of the building without wasting time. If another worker requires special tools or supplies, rather than call someone on a cell phone, they can put out a request to the entire team. This saves both time and money, since walkie-talkies do not have monthly service charges like cell phones do.

What Are the Best Two-Way Radios for Janitorial Services?
Tech Wholesale is your premiere source for business radios, and as an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we know the best models for every type of business. One of the best two-way radios for janitorial services is the Motorola RMU2080. These 2-watt radios can cover up to 20 floors indoors and 250,000 square feet outdoors. Built to military 810 and IP54/55 standards, they're able to withstand shock, vibration, dust, extreme temperatures and jets of water. They offer features to ensure secure, private communication. This model is also FCC narrowband ready and it includes NOAA weather radio with alerts.

For janitorial services looking for a lightweight, compact radio that can be discreetly worn on a uniform, we recommend the Motorola CLS Series radios. These UHF radios are also extremely easy to use, making them ideal for companies that need to get new staff up and running quickly. These small yet powerful walkie-talkies are available at an affordable price.

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