Rejuvenate Earnings While Giving Guests Better Service with Two-Way Radios for Hotels

In the few minutes it takes to read this page, you'll learn the basics of hotel radio systems and will learn how you can make a huge impact on earnings with a small investment. Improving the communication among your hotel staff will lead to greater customer satisfaction, a happier staff, more repeat business, less employee turnover and greater profits. 

For busy hotels, effective internal communication can be a big challenge. Even in a small to medium sized hotel, an organized and efficiently-run hotel depends on front desk clerks, cleaning staff, groundkeepers, kitchen and wait staff and management. High-quality two-way hotel radios can solve miscommunication problems and turn a confusing and stressful environment into a smoothly running machine. Whether you're in the market for small to medium hotel two-way radios or two-way radios for large hotels, Tech Wholesale offers exceptionally well-designed business radios from industry leaders at factory-direct low prices.

Productivity, Customer Satisfaction and Profits
Fast internal communications in a hotel can make a big difference in overall efficiency and service. Cleaning supervisors can notify front desk staff when rooms are clean and ready for guests, without having to miss a step in their daily operations. Groundskeepers can inform management of any potential problems and issues, so they can be seen to immediately. Wait staff in the hotel restaurant can let the host or hostess know when a table is ready and kitchen staff can keep management apprised of when stock on a particular food item is running low. Management can quickly inform all parties at once of any important news or emergency situation. This leads to a boost in productivity with a resulting rise in customer satisfaction and greater profits. Having an efficient hotel two-way radio communication system also keeps employees and guests safe, as it's a quick and effective way to alert staff to any emergency situation.

Recommended Hotel Radios
Tech Wholesale carries the most advanced and innovative hotel radios in the industry. The smaller models from Motorola, their 1-watt CLP radios and CLS radios, are extremely attractive for smaller and mid-range hotels. This is due to their sleek, lightweight and compact styling. They're also very easy to use. In an environment where there might be frequent turnover, new employees can get up to speed with the organization's internal radio system very quickly. These hotel walkie-talkies are extremely intuitive with basic important features, just what you need for clear, reliable communication. Features of the CLP model includes voice assisted menus to assist with configuration and a status light to show when you're transmitting and receiving. The CLS models include simplified cloning of radio settings, a keypad lock and LCD display. The radios can be easily programmed from the front panel. Both include a rechargeable battery, charger, belt clip or carrying holster and manual so workers can get up and running immediately. They're available in single-channel or 4-channel models.

Motorola's RMU line of two-way business radios moves up to 2 watts of power, available with 4 or 8 channels. The RMU radios meet military specifications for resistance to dust, wind, vibration, shock and temperature extremes. They also offer hands-free operation and easy wireless cloning. Their DLR and DTR series digital radios benefit from the latest in two-way radio technology. They do not require an FCC license to operate, and their digital design lets you call people individually or in groups. You can connect with all hotel staff on a single channel. These 1-watt digital walkie-talkies are equivalent in range and signal strength to traditional 4-watt radios. These digital business radios also meet rigorous military specifications and are designed for use in the harshest conditions.

The hotel radio sets from Kenwood include the compact and easy-to-use ProTalk PKT-23 model and the ProTalk TK models, which range from the 6-channel, 1.5 watt TK-3230 to the powerful 16-channel, 5 watt TK-2402 and TK-3402 radios. The most economically-priced 1.5 watt PKT-23 gives you an indoor range of approximately 17 floors, and it is designed to be compact for discreet use. It's lightweight, so it can be comfortably worn all day, yet it's powerful and can operate over 4 channels for communications between separate groups of employees. The feature-loaded TK models begin with the ProTalk XLS TK-3230 UHF radio, with 1.5 watts and 6 channels. It supports voice activation and easy cloning. Their TK-2400 and TK-3400 models meet rugged military specifications for dust and water intrusion, making them extremely durable and reliable in tough environments. Advanced features of these models include hands-free capability, protection against accidental channel changes, weather-sealed construction and easy wireless cloning. The TK-2400 models are VHF radios that provide a wide outdoor range of 220,000 square feet to 370,000 square feet, with an indoor range of 13 floors to 33 floors, depending on the exact model. They're powerful enough to easily penetrate between floors in a concrete- or steel-reinforced building.