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A Guide to Hospitality Management Radio Sets

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Serve Your Company's Financial Success While you Serve Your Customers with Radios for Hospitality Management

A few minutes of your time reading this guide can amount to thousands of dollars in cost savings. Learn about hospitality management radios and discover how they can improve internal communications, boost productivity and increase profits.

When Tech Wholesale first launched in 1997, the company became the largest retailer of Motorola and Kenwood two-way hospitality management radio equipment. These companies manufacture easy-to-use, compact and lightweight radios that are ideal for the unique demands of service companies such as restaurants, hotels and inns, catering companies, event organizers and public houses. Advanced features, high voice quality and low prices combine to make these two-way radios for hospitality management a smart business decision for companies wanting to boost efficiency and improve their bottom line.

Hospitality Organizations That Can Benefit from Two-Way Radios
There are many different types of hospitality-based companies that can use two-way radio communication to stay connected, improve productivity and increase profit margins.  Following are some examples.

Restaurants have many different kinds of employees that work together to produce a pleasing environment and memorable dining experience for customers. There are hosts and hostesses, wait staff, kitchen staff and managers. That's a lot of moving parts! Using two-way radios for restaurants is the best way to make sure these moving parts work together like a perfectly tuned clock. Instant reliable communications between these various parties might include a waiter notifying a hostess that a table is ready, someone in the kitchen letting a manager know that a certain dish is no longer available (who must then communicate that to their wait staff) or a manager letting kitchen staff know that a delivery will be arriving. Having effective communications can boost efficiency, improve the customer's experience and increase the table turnover rate. All this leads to a more robust restaurant business and higher profits.

The main requirements for effective restaurant two-way radios are ease-of-use, compact size and lightweight portability. A radio that's comfortable to wear and simple to use will be appreciated by busy wait staff and cooks who are always on the move. There are various types of radios available for different sized establishments and specific requirements. Motorola's CLP series and CLS series single-watt compact radios are extremely easy to use and lightweight, made especially for restaurant, hotel and retail use. They're available with a single channel or 4 channels for multiple groups of employees. The 4-channel or 8-channel RMU series radios are more powerful at 2 watts, meeting military specifications for resistance to wind, shock, vibration and dust. The Motorola DLR series digital two-way radios allow both private conversations and communications with groups.   

Catering companies have the same challenges as restaurants, with the additional complication of working in their own facility and also in remote locations. Under these circumstances, organization is critical. Catering radios must enable servers to quickly and easily communicate with kitchen staff to let them know when a buffet item has run out, or that the bar needs to be restocked with wine. Reliable two-way radios for catering companies will maximize efficiency and make everyone's work shift less stressful. For large groups, multiple channels and the ability to scan those channels lets a supervisor keep up with all the critical components of their business.

Catering companies have many of the same requirements as do restaurants, so you'll find similar radios for caterers. Motorola's DTR series two-way radio is a digital radio offering a wider expanse of coverage that can cover up to 300,000 square feet of outdoor space or up to 25 floors indoors. This multiple-channel radio is ideal for caterers with large groups operating at a big event that might be spread out over multiple rooms and floors.

Hotels, Motels and Inns with their own restaurants and especially those that also host special events like weddings and parties have the same requirements as restaurants and caterers, but with additional work groups such as front desk staff, concierge staff, cleaning staff, groundskeepers and management. Whether you're looking for hotel radios for small to medium-sized hotels, or you need a larger two-way hotel radio system for a large hotel complex with many floors, Tech Wholesale has the ideal radios for the job.

For smaller hotels, consider Motorola CLS and CLP models. These are the most compact and lightweight, their sleek design allowing easy movement. The elegant simplicity of these hotel walkie-talkies make them easy to use. The Motorola RMU models are a step up in power, with 2 watts instead of 1. The Motorola DLR and Motorola DTR models are digital radios that let users have private conversations in addition to communicating with groups. Kenwood offers their compact ProTalk PKT model, which has 4 channels and advanced features like the ability to clone the settings from a master radio to other units. Their ProTalk TK series has features such as voice-activated operation, wireless cloning, multiple channels and ergonomic controls.

Larger hotels benefit from the more powerful 4-watt Motorola and Kenwood radios. Motorola's RDU series features multiple channels and has a range of up to 30 floors indoors. These military-grade two-way radios are resistant to moisture, vibration, shock and temperature extremes. Kenwood's 3402 16 channel, 5-watt radio is also military-ready with a range of up to 370,000 square feet outdoors and 33 floors indoors.

Conventions and special events can be chaotic experiences that pose a real challenge for even the most seasoned event staff. They'll have a great advantage with a professional two-way radio system for conventions and special events, whether it's an annual meeting of plastics manufacturers or a comic book convention. From handling the processing of hundreds of attendees to dealing with unforeseen emergencies quickly, convention walkie-talkie radios will help your event run far more smoothly.

The Motorola RMU series and the Motorola RDU series radios are recommended for their military-grade durability, multiple channels, exceptional audio quality and wide range of up to 350,000 square feet and 30 floors. Features include exclusive business frequencies to minimize interference, advanced voice activation and, with the RDU series, repeater capability. These convention walkie-talkies meet military specifications for resistance to extreme temperatures, water, dust, vibration and shock.     

With these high performance two-way radios from Tech Wholesale, your hospitality business can reach new heights in productivity and customer satisfaction.