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Hospitals deal with life or death moments on a daily basis. When the safety and health of your patients hangs in the balance, you want to make sure that communication is flawless.

That’s why you’re here. This is the ultimate online resource for the best hospital radios on the market today. 

At Tech Wholesale, we’ve served the medical community on every level — providing medical facilities, including large hospitals, with the best communication equipment money can buy. 

Below, we’ve listed the three best radios for hospitals based on our experience serving the industry for more than two decades. We'll go through each device in detail to help you decide which radio best fits with your hospital’s needs. 

If you have additional questions, we’re here to answer them. Simply call us at 1-888-925-5982. You can also speak with a radio expert through the live chat function on this page, or fill out our email contact form. 

If one of the radios here seems perfect, contact us right away for a free personalized quote. 

What Do You Need In a Hospital Radio?

At Tech Wholesale, we’ve been pairing hospitals with some of the finest two way radios on the market for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve come to understand the needs of the medical industry when it comes to communication. 

Here's what your hospital should be looking for in a radio: 

  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Enough range to span your facility
  • Multiple channels for multiple teams
  • Designed to be long-lasting
  • Security features to protect patient confidentiality
  • Clear communication
  • Long battery life
  • Works inside. (That means a UHF or Digital band device only)

The Best Hospital Radios

Let's get down to business. In this section we'll break down the three best two-way radios for your hospital based on 20+ years of experience supplying medical centers like yours.

Motorola DLR1060

The Most HIPAA Compliant Device On The Market

The Motorola DLR1060 rounds off our list. 

As a digital device, you won’t be subject to any FCC License fees.

It also features six channels for a smaller team’s effective segmentation, with an indoor range of 300,000 square feet, or 20 floors. 

If you’re worried about your confidential patient information slipping out over the airwaves, this is the perfect radio for you. The DLR1060 uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum tech and 10,000 radio profile ID codes to keep your communications secure. It is the most HIPAA compliant two way radio on the market today, which is why it is so popular with medical facilities. 

This device has a Direct Call feature that lets you reach one specific nurse or doctor without bothering the whole hospital. There is also a Page All Available feature which will let you reach the entire staff in the event of an emergency (Like a code blue).

The DLR technology at work in this radio creates clear and loud, static-free communication. It features a li-ion battery life of 14 hours. 

Like the other radios featured, it’s also military standard hardware, resistant to temperatures, dust, vibration, and shock. 

On top of that, it has an antimicrobial coating that will prevent germs and bacteria from spreading through the hospital. 

If you want the Motorola DLR1060 for your hospital, contact us for a free quote.

Motorola RDU4100

A Powerful Device With a Strong Range

Our first hospital radio is the Motorola RDU4100. It’s a UHF Radio, which means that it works well indoors.

How well? 

With an indoor range of up to 30 floors, the RDU4100 should cover most large hospitals. It also has an impressive 10 channels which can accommodate a massive staff in various departments. 

It also has an outdoor range of up to three miles for parking garage attendants and outside security. 

The included lithium-ion battery that comes with the RDU4100 has up to 18.5 hours of battery life. 

It is also super tough. The device is wrapped in a metal die-cast chassis covered in polycarbonate to meet military standards — meaning it'll be a long-lasting radio that will work for your hospital for years.

The noise reduction technology of this radio reduces ambient noise, so even in a crowded hospital ward, communication can still be heard easily. 

If the Motorola RDU4100 sounds like the right pick for your hospital, contact us now for a free, no obligation quote

Motorola DTR600

HIPAA Compliant With Great Range

The Motorola DTR600 is another device that can work well over the long distances needed within a larger hospital. 

This radio runs on a 900MHz ISM band. That means it is a digital device, much like the DLR1060. It is exempt from the licensing fees that the FCC imposes on most UHF and VHF devices and is 100% HIPAA compliant. 

You have an outside range of up to three miles. Inside, you’re looking at up to 350,000 square feet if you’re using a long whip antenna. That’s up to 30 floors, which should cover most hospitals with no issues. 

This device allows you to create up to 200 contacts and arrange them into public or private groups. These groups are similar to the channels that many of the other radios on this list use. 

If you think that the Motorola DTR600 is the right device for your hospital, you can reach out to Tech Wholesale for a free no obligation quote that is personalized to your specific needs. 

At a Glance: What's the Difference Between These Radios?

The Motorola DLR1060:

  • Digital radio
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology
  • The most HIPAA compliant radio on the market
  • Direct Call and Paige All Available features

The Motorola RDU4100:

  • Indoor range of 30 floors
  • 18.5 hour battery life
  • Military grade hardware
  • Noise reduction technology

The Motorola DTR600:

  • Digital Device
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Create up to 200 contacts
  • Organize contacts into public and private groups

Which Hospital Radio Do You Need?

The Best Radio for a Large Hospital

If you have a large hospital, we recommend the Motorola RDU4100

This is a UHF Radio that works well indoors and covers a large range of up to 30 floors. 

It also has a massive 10 channels to accomodate a large hospital work force through various departments. 

There is an outdoor range of up to three miles, which is going to be handy for external security and parking garage attendants. 

The device is sheathed in a metal die-cast chassis covered in polycarbonate. It meets military standards for damage protection. 

If you have a massive hospital that needs a tough device and stellar communication, reach out to us now for a quote on the Motorola RDU4100

The Best Radio for a Medium to Large Hospital

A medium to large hospital would do very well with the Motorola DTR600.

This digital device comes with a 30 floor range and is totally HIPAA compliant. 

You also have the ability to create up to 200 contacts, which can then be organized into both public and private groups. These groups function like the channels used by many other Motorola radios. 

If you have a medium to large sized hospital, consider the Motorola DTR600. Contact us now for a free quote

The Best Radio for a Small to Medium Hospital

Small to medium hospitals can get a lot of use out of the Motorola DLR1060

First off, it’s a Digital device so it works well inside. It has six channels, which is better for small hospitals. That means nothing is wasted and you’re not overpaying for services you don’t need. 

It has an indoor range of up to 20 floors. It uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum tech and up to 10,000 radio profile ID codes to protect your sensitive communications. 

It also has a 14 hour battery life, which is perfect for long shifts. 

If you have a small hospital, contact us now for a quote on the Motorola DLR1060

Want to Learn More?

People have to place their trust in hospitals. It is the last line of defense against deadly diseases and horrible injury. You owe it to your patients to have the kind of stellar productivity that is only available with a quality name brand radio. 

If you have any questions about the devices listed on this page, you can contact Tech Wholesale at 1-888-925-5982, or reach out to us via the contact form on our customer support page. You could also speak with us via the live chat window on this page. 

Of course, if you already know which radio you want, we can set you up with a free personalized quote that is based on your specific hospital’s needs. 

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