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Looking to stay in contact with playing partners over a large area? Do you want to improve your golf course staff communications? Better service will make the green roll in. And we don't mean those rolling hills; we mean cold hard cash! With 18 holes of rolling green hills, sand traps and fake lakes, how far can your voice carry? Not so much? Better get a good set of VHF two-way radios then. VHF walkie-talkies on the golf course mean you and golf buddies can still have a good time golfing together no matter how fast or slow any of you play. Someone always ends up behind trying to make that one hole, right? Now they don't have to feel or get left behind. You and your golf partners can coordinate meetups at the clubhouse and buds can brag over the VHF airwaves! Here at Tech Wholesale, you'll find a great selection of high performance golf cart radios that will keep everyone in your posse connected.

If you run a golf course, you and your staff can coordinate everything with your VHF walkie-talkies. Cell phones are expensive and do you really want to pay for your staff to make personal calls or send texts to their friends? Walkie-talkies on the golf green mean you and your employees can take care of your business with the push of a button. Your landscape maintenance staff will appreciate being able to work as a stronger team via two-way radio communication with everyone in the loop.

The boost to efficiency and productivity is huge when you can dispatch security, cleanup, food service, hospitality, caddies and golf carts all from wherever you happen to be. Now that you're not tied to the office, you can go out and knock a few golf balls around yourself. Your well-to-do golf club members will appreciate the relaxing atmosphere of your well-managed golf course. Next thing you know, they'll be telling all their friends and bringing their business partners to the most well-run, luxurious links around: your golf course.

So which two-way radios should you purchase to bring about all of this ease in workflow? Motorola's been making industrial grade two-way radios for businesses since the second world war! Their top of the line, long range VHF radio is the RDV5100. Pushing 5-watts of power that provide 10 channels of individualized communication across 27 exclusive business frequencies, you can't beat the RDV for coverage and functionality on the golf green. The VHF band is the radio frequency band of choice for a business that's all about the great outdoors. VHF waves are longer and travel closer to the ground, so they're perfect for sending a caddie and a cart out to 9th hole when someone gets stuck. Should one of your elderly customers need emergency assistance out on the green, your VHF walkie-talkies will be right there at the ready to radio back to home base with a location of the distressed. You and the members of your golf club will soon see two-way radio communication on a golf course is simply indispensable.

If you want to learn more about VHF radios and about mobile communication, see our Two-Way Radio Review. Should you have any questions or concerns or want some help with configuring your walkie-talkies, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're here to guide you via email and telephone, always!

NOTE: If your facility is larger than the range-size covered by the following radios, you may need to consider adding a repeater to effectively double the range of your handheld two-way radios.

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