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"I read your buyers guide and it was great. I learned more from that quick read than I did over the last few days of researching in my free time. Thank you!"

Cameron Pratt
Seattle Washington

Want to impress the boss with the perfect radio buy?

FREE 22-page Two-way Radio Buyer's Guide - (click)

  • The most useful two-way radio guide ever written.
  • Expertly written in understandable terms.
  • UHF versus VHF (easily prevent a costly mistake that you could regret for years).
  • Personal versus business radios.
  • Understanding your best frequencies.
  • Absolutely everything you need to know to select the right radio for you and your situation.

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    Help Desk Infomation

    For fast, free help with the following product lines, you may also call these manufacturer help desks directly. This is a great alternative when you have specific product-specific questions:

    Kenwood: 888-801-0200
    Motorola Family Radios: 800-353-2729
    Motorola Business Radios: 800-448-6686
    Motorola Hotline: 1-800-215-5160