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Create an environment that's more responsive to your members' needs with a performance-minded two-way radio system for gym use. Don't be surprised if you see noticable benefits in customer loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion and new memberships.

As an owner or manager of a fitness center, you know that this is a business with unique challenges when it comes to internal communications and customer service. Part of what makes a gym stand out from its competitors is its level of commitment and the quality of service it provides. This involves being attentive to the needs of your clientele, who might be spread out over a large facility. Robust two-way radios for gyms can be used by your health club supervisors, trainers and cleaning staff. For larger fitness centers with a snack bar, child-care facility, saunas, steam room, tanning beds, café, juice bar, equipment shops and other facilities, those staff members can be connected as well. This enables employees to get immediate answers for members, and supervisors can quickly notify the entire team of schedule changes and other important information.

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Tech Wholesale is your leading supplier of premium two-way radios at low prices, offering an inexpensive way to upgrade your company's communications for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty, word-of-mouth recommendations, new health club members and higher profits. For the best gym two-way radios, we recommend Motorola CLS radios, Motorola's CLP radios and the Motorola DLR digital radios.

Do you often have new staff members that you need to train and get on-board quickly? If so, consider the Motorola CLS Series two-way radios. The "CLS" stands for "Clear, Light, Simple." These are perfect basic gym walkie-talkies, covering up to 200,000 square feet outdoors or 15 floor indoors. They're lightweight and small, with technology that lets users send and receive clear signals in noisy locations. They include a battery, charging tray, wall adapter and belt holster, and can be used with an optional earpiece microphone.

The Motorola CLP Series are the lightest and most compact model available, easily hidden on a uniform. An adjustable earpiece with in-line push-to-talk microphone is included, as is a belt clip, charging tray, wall charger and battery. Compact gym walkie-talkies with earpieces are great for staff members who need to attend to clientele, as they can communicate with fellow employees and supervisors quietly and discreetly.

For the latest in digital radio technology and license-free communications, choose Motorola DLR digital radios. These advanced digital radios give you the power of a walkie-talkie with the convenience of a cell phone. Contact your entire team, a specific department group or speak to an individual privately. Digital radios provide clear communication up to the edge of the covered range, without any interference or static. FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) gives you a more reliable signal and greater privacy. Since a digital radio does not require an FCC license to operate, you can save money on licensing fees and you can use the system right out of the box without having to wait and fill out paperwork.

Whichever two-way radio you decide is best for your health club or fitness center, we offer 1-channel and multi-channel models. For smaller facilities, a single-channel radio is likely the best and most affordable option. If you have a larger gym with several departments, multiple channels enable various groups to speak to each other or to the entire team at once.

Make a small investment in a top-quality walkie-talkie system and pump up your gym profits with more efficient staff and happier clientele!

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