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With a two-way radio system for an optometrist's office or eye care facility, better communication between receptionists, aides and doctors creates a more efficient office. This leads to happier patients, increased return business and recommendations to family and friends. See clearly how thousands of businesses use radios to boost their profits. You can do the same for with optometrist office two-way radios.

A More Efficient Optometrist Office with Walkie-Talkies
At your eye care office, there are many details that all contribute to a pleasant experience for your patients. When the receptionist can quickly contact available nurses and doctors to get a quick answer for a patient on the phone, or when an aide can let the receptionist know that an examination room is now available for a new patient, this type of instant communication leads to improved efficiency and less waiting time for patients. Greater customer satisfaction generates word-of-mouth recommendations, leading to more business and greater profits.

Best Two-Way Radios for Optometrists and Eye Care Professionals
As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, Tech Wholesale has the knowledge and expertise to be able to recommend the best radios for your unique business needs. The Motorola CLP1040, CLS Series UHF radios and Motorola digital DLR1060 radios are best suited to the needs of eye care facilities and optometrists.

Small, Lightweight and Powerful Two-Way Radios for Eye Care Offices
For customer-facing businesses, we always recommend light, compact radios that can be used in a hands-free mode. This lets you communicate while being attentive to your patients. Also, your private company discussions won't be inadvertently overheard. The Motorola CLP1040 is the smallest and lightest radio we offer. It comes with a belt clip and adjustable earpiece with push-to-talk microphone, giving you clear signals in a small, convenient and very discreet package. Motorola's CLS Series radios are also lightweight and small, yet with a greater range than the CLP. You can choose from 1-channel or 4-channel models. These radios are powerful for business communications yet highly affordable.

If you want to take advantage of the latest technology, there's the Motorola DLR1060 digital radio. It doesn't require an FCC license to operate, so that will save both time and money. Digital radios provide static-free signals for their entire coverage range, and they can be used like cell phones to speak to individuals, in addition to group broadcasts. They also have other cell phone style conveniences.

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