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Engineering projects just don't happen without teamwork. Engineering teams work best with the reliable onsite communication you get from two-way radios. When you need to ask a question: push-to-talk. Coordinate the flow of materials: push-to-talk. Give direction to a co-worker: you see where we're going with this. You're smart. Of course, you're an engineer! Engineering two-way radios are the answer for your business.

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Walkie-talkies for engineering projects also help ensure the safety of everyone involved when rapid response happens at the push of a button. Onsite two-way radio communication keeps your team in contact with each other and the rest of the world, onsite or even when you're out in the middle of nowhere. With the right engineering two-way radios from Tech Wholesale, the right help is never far from reach.

Of course, engineering projects require real business radio equipment that can handle a bumpy ride. Motorola business radios are made to last and then some. Built to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f; their RDX radios offer the range, the strength, and the usability you need for your engineering work. Motorola RDX walkie-talkies come with a die-cast metal chassis packed in a tough polycarbonate housing that holds up under extremes in temperature, shock, dust, vibration, moisture, salt and fog, earning an IP 54/55 rating. These engineering two-way radios can handle the job.

Engineers generally use their 2-way radios both in and out of doors, so we recommend choosing walkie-talkies that employ the UHF band for stronger radio transmission and reception on all your engineering projects. Motorola's RDU2020 and RDU2080d are their 2-watt business radios. Easily configured, user-friendly features and functionality, the RDU 2020 and RDU 2080d cover as much as 250,000 sq. ft and up to 20 floors! They offer 2 and 8-channel two-way radio communication respectively.

If your engineering business requires a bit of a stronger push, more channels, the widest range or repeater capability; then you'll want to consider Motorola's 4-watt walkie-talkies. The RDU 4100 and RDU 4160d offer 10 and 16 channels respectively and cover as much as 325,000 sq. ft and up to 30 floors! If you're one of those engineers that's just a great big, geek.... you'll love Motorola radios for their high quality audio and RF signal performance. Choose your engineering two-way radios from Tech Wholesale today!

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