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Stay informed and stay productive with a two-way radio system. Time is money, and when you have easy access to information, you'll be more efficient. This means happy customers, increased work flow and greater profits. Electricians on the job will want to increase productivity and efficiency in their work by staying in close radio contact with their assistants, other independent contractors, or a larger crew of workers. Having to leave your work to go track down a tool, a schematic or information wastes time and money. Motorola's push-to-talk makes your workday so much easier. That information or someone to run out to the truck to grab that tool, just happens over the air. Two-way radios for electricians on the job make contract work run smooth as silk.

Your clients will appreciate that you've brought your A game, too. They'll see a team that's tight and doesn't muck about wasting time. Your business gets the job done, gets the repeat customers, and gets the word-of-mouth advertising when you bring your business radios to your electrician jobs. Electrician two-way radios can make a difference in your efficiency.

What's the best walkie-talkie for electrician use? Naturally, you're going to want your handheld two-way radios to take what electrician work dishes out. No problem! Motorola builds two-way radios especially for the shock and awe of the serious electrical work jobsite. The Motorola RDX series radios are made to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f. If the US military can trust Motorola walkie-talkies to help defend the country, you know you can trust them to defend your reputation as an elite electrician. RDX radios handle extremes in temperature, shock, dust, moisture, salt, fog, and vibration. They're IP54/55 rated, too. Made with a die-cast metal chassis housed in a thick polycarbonate casing, Motorola RDX two-way radios for electricians make the perfect two-way radios for any electrician enterprise.

As most electrical work involves working in and out of doors, you'll want to stick with the UHF band for best performance. Motorola's UHF business two-way radios offer user-friendly functionality and strong signal over wide areas. Electricians who work mostly with only one or two assistants and who don't need the largest coverage area will find the RMU2040 the perfect two-way radio for their business needs and budget. Should you want a few more channels to further divide communications amongst yourself and other members of a larger electrician or construction crew, you'll want to take a long look at the 8-channel RMU2080.

Electricians who need wider coverage both horizontally and vertically with a stronger push should consider Motorola's 4-watt walkie-talkies, the RDU 4100 and the RDU 4160d. They offer 10 and 16 channels respectively. All of Motorola's RDX series electrician two-way radios are super easy to configure and offer user programming on a PC via the CPS (customer programming software). Of course, we at Tech Wholesale are always here to help you choose and configure the right two-way radios for your electrician business. Email or phone, let us know!

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