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Motorola DTR radios bring digital technology to business durable walkie-talkies. The DTR 410 and DTR 550 offer some of the user features of a cellphone such as text messaging, contact lists and one-to-one calling without the headaches of cellphone bills, minute plans and signal bars. Business users love the crystal clear audio of Motorola's DTR handheld radios that is ubiquitous across the DTR's radio range. On the edge or smack dab in the middle of your DTR coverage area, your messages come through loud and clear! Read More
Motorola DTR radio accessories let you sweeten the pot by adding comfort to convenience. Two-way radio accessories like earbuds and earpieces with inline microphones, headsets with swivel or boom mics, shoulder mics, discreet surveillance mics all offer your staff their choice in preferred ways to work with and wear their DTR business radios.

Business owners and managers tell us they love the ease and flexibility of Motorola's programming cable and cloning cable in the ways they configure their DTR radio frequency and privacy code settings. Workplace walkie-talkie performance climbs even higher with the DTR high capacity battery, the DTR multi-unit charger and the DTR 2 hour rapid charger system. Increased battery life and quick, en masse charging adds agility to your business response times when opportunities knock.

Let us know how we can help you choose the right DTR radio accessories to work within your budget and business needs. Via email or telephone, we're here to ensure you choose the right business radio accessories.

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