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Boarding kennel two-way radios will help ensure that both animals and owners will be well taken care of when they have to part company for a short while. Walkie-talkies for boarding kennels, dog grooming and other kinds of pet care facilities provide peace of mind for owners, which leads to repeat business and greater profits for your company.

Two-Way Radios for Busy Boarding Kennels and Groomers
A busy boarding kennel or pet grooming facility sees a lot of traffic, and each client (and their owner) must be given personalized attention to see to their individual needs. Animals, just like people, have certain peculiarities, allergies, aversions, and being able to quickly communicate this information from the reception area to the rest of the staff is essential. Boarding kennel two-way radios and dog grooming walkie-talkies are the fastest and most effective means of communication across a building, whether it's a few rooms or a large facility.

How Two-Way Radios for Kennels Can Help Improve Service
With a two-way radio for boarding kennel use, the front desk clerk can call for staff to assist with a new animal, and when the owner comes back to retrieve their pet, they can alert the backroom staff to bring the animal to the front for pick-up. If there's a phone call from the owner with additional information, the receptionist can let everyone know at once without having to chase people down or make separate calls.

Best Radios for Boarding Kennels and Pet Care Facilities
When considering the best radios for pet care facilities, our experts at Tech Wholesale considered the needs of this public-facing business, which is to keep communications discreet and private, and not to have business discussions interfere with serving customers. It is also important to keep one's hands free, especially when wrangling a large breed. For these reasons, we recommend the Motorola CLP1040, CLS1110 and CLS1410 and the Motorola DLR1060.

As the smallest and most lightweight Motorola radio we offer, the Motorola CLP1040 two-way radio is perfect for busy workers who want to stay connected to their team but can't be slowed down. It weighs just 2.38 ounces and comes complete with a belt clip and earpiece with PTT microphone for discreet two-way communications. There are 4 channels, so you can assign a separate channel to administrative staff, kennel attendants, cleaning crew and management.

The Motorola CLS Series radios ("Clear, Light, Simple") are also compact and lightweight, with the same business exclusive frequencies and interference elimination codes as the CLP1040. These radios are extremely easy to use, letting you get new employees set up quickly. Choose from the CLS1110 1-watt, 1-channel radio for smaller kennels or the CLS1410 4-channel walkie-talkies for larger facilities.

For those who want to enjoy the convenience of a cell phone in a license-free walkie-talkie, there's the Motorola DLR1060 digital radio. This advanced radio gives you the power of a more powerful UHF radio but with just a single watt of power. This means you can get up to 14 hours of battery life on each charge. With a digital radio, you can speak privately to a single user as well as broadcasting to your entire team or a subset of users.

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