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Help someone with a disability to stay connected and communicate with co-workers and other individuals easily with a smartly designed two-way radio and accessories such as a lightweight temple transducer and microphone. The following walkie-talkies and accessories can help those with disabilities in organizational or business-type settings. These two-way radios have functions that will allow those with impairments to communicate more effectively.

The primary ways the radios can help are with the ability of the radios to communicate through temple-transducing microphones. These will not always work for every individual, but it can help in many instances.


This temple-transducer earpiece and microphone (Hearing-Impaired Microphone for Two-way Radio) is designed to be used with walkie-talkies for hearing impaired people. It may be used by those who are hard of hearing, but not completely deaf. The earpiece works by converting audio signals to vibrations that are transmitted to your inner ear via the bones in your temple, thus bypassing the typical ear-route for sound.

You may use this special microphone with several of our radio models including the Motorola CLS, DTR and RDX models. The transducer and the radio models referred to may be seen at the links below.

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