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Digital Radios - FCC License-free 900Mhz two-way radios.

Digital / 900 MHz Two-Way Radios

Many two-way radio guides don't cover EXRS either. So be sure to read on, to learn more about this exciting new digital extreme radio service!

Two great features standout for this category: these radios require no FCC license and they have the most private features of any band.

900 MHz two-way radios bring several advantages over traditional walkie-talkies. They offer clear communications that are practically interference free and eavesdrop proof. The EXRS radio band permits as many as 100,000 people to communicate within range of each other!

The secret lurks in its advanced frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology. Frequency hopping allows the unit to skip from frequency to frequency, creating a unique pseudo-random sequence among fifty frequencies. Depending on the way your individual model works, you could have access to over ten billion different sub-channels. That's why manufacturers can claim secure, interference free communication!

The even better news? You don't need a license to use one. 900 MHz two-way radios can be used by any person, at any age, for any purpose. That is why there is many a two-way radio review that extols their benefits.

Also, advances in digital technology offer more flexible functionalities such as text messaging, data cloning, caller ID and direct dialing an individual radio or group of radios using a contact list instead of channels. This is as close to an individual cell phone as you can get, while still maintaining the advantages of group calling and no contract or airtime fees for everyone on your site.

The range of a 900 MHz walkie-talkie is similar to that of a UHF radio. They work well indoors, but they typically don't cover as much ground outside.