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When it comes to intra-office communication, we often think of such things as telephones and intercoms. However, while these things can be suitable for communications between office staff in many situations, there are also many offices where privacy and other concerns mean that telephones and intercoms just won't do. In such situations, two-way office radios are the best options for your office communication needs. Here at, you can get affordable radios and walkie-talkies for your office as well as radio accessories that allow you to customize your radios to your specific requirements.

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Choosing the right radio for your dental office:

Take the pain out of running your dental office with two-way radios. There have been some fantastic radios developed over the past few years that are perfect for the use in your dentist office. No more bulky business radios, and no more overlap in frequencies from cheap Family radios. We've selected the optimal radios for your needs below.

Having the ultimate two-way radios for dental offices like this Motorola CLS1110 on site means no more running back and forth all day from the back office, to the patient lounge, to the treatment rooms, to the supply closet and back again. Have a seat. Take a load off. Tap the push-to-talk button on the Motorola CLP1040 clipped to your shirt, and ask one of the dental assistants already in the filing room to bring Mrs. Jones's x-rays to the front. It's that easy when you use specifically-designed medical office two-way radios.

Motorola's innovative, two-way radios for offices are sure to provide a solution that's perfect for your dental practice. Newest in the Motorola fleet of two-way radios for business is their CLP series, especially designed for small businesses that work in close contact with their customers.

"Open wide", makes for very close contact, right? That brings us to a special feature that's sure to meet your dental office needs: Motorola CLP series two-way radios for dental offices feature anti-microbial protection built-in to their durable polycarbonate housing that doesn't allow viruses and bacteria to build up on the radio. What a great way to take that extra step to protect you and your staff from the biological hazards of working in a medical office!

Two-way radios for your dental office will help your staff stay connected; so they work quickly to get nervous patients in and out of the chair. Your patients will see the seamless functioning of your dental practice and feel confident they're in the hands of caring healthcare professionals ready and able to help. With the help of medical office two-way radios, you'll send out the right image.

Choosing the right accessories, especially microphones, for your dentist and dental assistants.

The CLP walkie-talkies route audio into an earpiece/microphone (shipped standard with every radio).

For the Motorola CLP models, one type, shown here, is the best microphone for dentists. This discreet earpiece makes it easier for the doctor to wear in conjunction with masks, loops, and all the other items the doctor may wear. Dental Assistants would normally just use the microphone that comes for free with the CLP radios.

If you fancy a walkie-talkie with a front panel display, the CLS radio would be best for you and each radio would need it's own mic.

For the Motorola CLS radios, customers select which mic they want to use with each radio since they do not automatically come with one, like in the CLP models. This is the best mic for a dentist. And, this is the best mic for dental assistants.

The dentists microphones are a bit more expensive, but work best when there is other gear that the doctor needs to wear. The standard mic, is best for staff since it is a little less expensive and is worn outside of the ear, hence may be shared.

Medical offices, in particular, prize our office radios because they allow for privacy of communication that is not available with intercom and telephone systems. Dental assistants, for example, can use them to radio other personnel about serious problems with a patient's teeth or other issues. Our guide can help you choose the proper radio for your dental office, and we can also help you narrow down our extensive accessory options so that you are able to buy great earpieces and other tools that allow for simple hands-free use of these radios and walkie-talkies. Of course, we can help you even if you are not a medical or dental office manager. Contact us today for all the assistance you need with your radio and walkie-talkie purchase in a professional business setting.

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