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Country club radios help staff give members the V.I.P. experience. Join the thousands of companies and organizations that have discovered how two-way radios can enhance business profits by being the missing link between customer needs and employee efficiency. Spend a few minutes reading this article and learn how two-way radios for country clubs can help you to outrun your competition.

Two-Way Radios, Country Clubs and Customer Satisfaction
At a country club, your primary mission is customer satisfaction. When your client feels like a VIP, with every need and desire expertly catered to, their positive comments to friends, family and business associates will directly translate into new members. For a country club, two-way radios keep your employees well-informed and connected to each other at all times, which gives them the tools they need to immediately address member requests and concerns. With robust walkie-talkies for country clubs, they can also notify supervisors and managers of any issues that arise so they can be taken care of right away for top-notch professional service.

Best Two-Way Radios for Country Clubs
Prior to the digital revolution, the small and lightweight Motorola CLS was seen as the best radio for country club use. With its compact size and hands-free use, it can be worn on a uniform and discreetly used with an earpiece microphone. It is also very easy to use, which makes this radio an excellent choice for facilities that have to frequently get new staff members up and running quickly. The CLS offers robust communications at an affordable price.

Digital radios such as the Motorola DLR Series and Motorola DTR Series offer many improvements over the CLS models. These digital radios operate at 900MHz and do not require an FCC license. Because they use digital technology, they offer a clear signal with no static up to their full coverage range. With a powerful signal both indoors and outdoors, these country club radios can cover an entire golf course and be used in banquet settings. They allow private communications between individuals in addition to group transmissions. They have the equivalent power of a 4-watt radio with just 1 watt.

Recommended Radios for Management at Country Clubs
While the DLR, DTR and CLS radios have the compact design preferred for public-facing employees, golf course management and other top-level managers might prefer the Motorola RDU4100 This extremely beefy 4-watt radio includes exclusive business frequencies, privacy codes and can be used with a repeater for extended range. They're not as small or lightweight as the other models mentioned, but the whip antenna can be switched out with a stubby antenna, if it's being used indoors. These radios are also designed to strict military specifications for use in harsh environments.

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