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Convention centers and event halls are usually huge places teeming with people. Can't find the rest of your crowd? Hit 'em up via two-way radio! Push-to-talk walkie-talkie communication makes it easy for everyone to coordinate where to meet for lunch and which panel to checkout next.

Naturally, the ability to quickly find and connect with convention staff in all the melee is an absolute must. You'll go crazy trying to do it on foot or by word of mouth ala, "Did you see Harriet"? No. Just no. Do everyone a favor - especially your event center guests - and clip a two-way radio to the belts of all of your convention staff. Push-to-talk and the chairs are set up, the extension cords get delivered to the proper room, the badges are found... you know how it goes. There are a million in one things to coordinate for a large convention or event. You'll love the convenience and efficiency walkie-talkies to bring to yours.

Read More Your reputation as an event planner will love it too. Put on a star event or convention with few if any glitches and people notice. Out of all those hundreds or thousands of attendees, someone is looking for an event planner for their next convention, so look alive! Little says professional event planner con runner than confidence and a walkie-talkie to help get things done.

Your event staff will appreciate the safety net as well. Knowing where you can find an answer to the 3,000 questions they'll get asked each day takes a load off and makes events and conventions the fun they're intended to be. Oh and on the subject of safety! The ability to call for help and dispatch security or emergency responders to an urgent situation becomes a boon to both guests and staff. Two-way radios in an emergency can also help keep the lawyers at bay and that's probably a good thing.

UHF radios for your convention hall or event center will be the direction you'll want to take tech-wise. UHF walkie-talkies provide the best signal when you're likely to be walking and talking either exclusively indoors or in and out. Motorola, purveyors of fine two-way radios since the second world war, make a broad selection of handheld 2-way radios to use at your next convention. Motorola's RDX series are made to take a bounce or three in the line of duty. Built from tough polycarbonate casing that houses a die-cast metal chassis, Motorola RDX radios are built to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f.

RDX walkie-talkies come in 2 power outputs: 2 and 4-watt models for serious two-way radio range. The RDU2020 and RDU2080d use 2-watts and cover up to 250,000 sq. ft and up to 20 floors in a building. The RDU 2080d features a front panel programmable display (hence the d in the name). All of Motorola's RDX series two-way radios are custom programmable by a user with a PC, an optional cable (sold separately) and the free downloadable CPS software (customer programming software). Both the RDU 2020 and the RDU2080d use an LED light to signal radio status, but the display offers extra information and the option to tweak on the fly away from your computer. Click for everything you could ever want to know about the Motorola's RDX walkie-talkies.

Now, should your convention or event require a bit more power push, repeater capability or a broader 2-way radio range, Motorola's 4-watt models are at the top of the heap. The RDU 4100 and the RDU 4160d empower you and your convention staff to talk across 350,000 sq. ft and up to 30 floors! Sweet! No matter how many Klingons or cardiologists you've got stuffed into your convention hall, you'll be able to stay connected to ensure everyone is fed and happy using a Motorola RDX walkie-talkie!

Need some help making a radio choice, picking your RDX accessories or configuring your shiny new convention radios? Let us know! We're here via email or phone to serve all of our customers.

NOTE: If your facility is larger than the range-size covered by the following radios, you may need to consider adding a repeater to effectively double the range of your handheld two-way radios.

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