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You’re on the job and suddenly:


Something breaks or someone falls. Your crew scrambles. In that moment, you need reliable communication. 

A reliable construction radio can mean the difference between life or death in an emergency.

On a less dramatic note, it can also help streamline the effectiveness of your workforce.

Communication breeds efficiency. Jobs get done faster and you can take on more work. 

Also, word gets around. When people know that your crew gets the job done, you’re going to start getting more calls, more work, and more money. 

But first, you need to have the right radio.

What’s the difference, you may ask? 

A whole heck of a lot, actually.

Imagine that same emergency situation from before. But instead of using a quality name brand device you’re using some cheap knock off. Your instructions can’t span the jobsite. People have no idea what to do. The people who can hear you receive a static-filled mess. 

You get the picture. 

Bottom line — you need a quality radio. But not every quality radio is going to be right for your business. Some will be more, or less, than exactly what you need.

Luckily, you're in the right place to find exactly what you need. 

This guide will give you everything you need to make an informed decision about buying the right construction radio for your business.

At Tech Wholesale, we've got radios for construction sites of any size and scope. 

And they’re tough. 

I mean like, really tough.

Our radios can be dropped, scuffed, and put through all manner of worksite abuse and still provide the clear and consistent sound you need to run your site smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Picture Chuck Norris, but a walkie talkie. 

Keep reading if you want to find the best radios at the best prices for your construction site. 

And if you have questions, feel free to drop us a line at any time.

Not only does our website feature a live chat function (where you can speak with an experienced radio professional at any time), you can also call us at 888-925-5982 or get in touch via our contact form

See something that interests you in this guide? Receive a free personalized quote today. 

What Do You Need in a Construction Radio? 

On a job-site, construction radios are essential. 

As a construction manager looking for a new radio, you know this. You've felt the need for more efficient communication every single day. Productivity is the goal, and a radio is going to help you with that. 

But you have to choose the right one. 

Failure to make the proper radio selection will only lead to frustrations and cause a lot more problems. 

So what features do you need in a construction walkie talkie? 

  • First off, construction radios have to be rugged. They need to stand up to the challenging conditions of your work environment. Your construction radio needs to be a lot tougher than a portable radio used in a restaurant or an office building. The working conditions are a lot more hazardous. 
  • The radio that you choose needs to work both indoors and outdoors. It should be able to provide clear sound around steel and concrete. Of course, it also has to be effective at communicating over distance. That means VHF radios aren't a great choice, as they are not optimized for indoor use. 
  • Your choice should be durable, reliable, and have a long-lasting battery life to meet the needs of your daily work. Our radios are powered by li-ion batteries. These are some long lasting batteries that typically power electric wheelchairs and scooters. You won't spend all day with the battery pack plugged into a power outlet. 

It's crucial to ensure that your specific construction needs are being met by the radio that you choose. That's why we work hard to ensure that every radio we sell has been specially selected to meet the sound needs of your company.

If you need help in making this selection, consider giving us a call at 888-925-5982.

The right radio type for the construction industry: UHF 

There are major differences between a UHF radio and a VHF radio

Unlike VHF, a UHF radio is going to provide flexibility when working both indoors and outdoors. It can send a signal with a clear sound both inside steel and concrete reinforced buildings as well as open outside areas. 

You should also make sure that your construction radio lets you communicate on multiple channels. 

This feature is perfect for segmenting the workforce. 

That's especially important when you're dealing with a large building project. For instance, give yourself a dedicated channel for supervisors so that management discussions don't distract your workers. 

It's also a good idea to look for radios that have repeater capability. 

That's in case there is ever an expansion that goes beyond the typical 350,000 square feet range of most radios. 

Instead of starting over with all new radios, you can add a repeater that will effectively double your sound range. 

Speaking of power, you should be looking at radios that are powered by up to 4-watts. That's the perfect power for long-range communication. 

Increased power will also help you communicate over rough terrain and keep clarity over distance. 

If you have additional questions about what you should be looking for in a construction radio, reach out to us via live chat or our website contact form.

Which Construction Radio Is Right for you? 

Different job sites have different needs. What's right for one is wrong for another. 

We don't want you to waste money on a radio that's more powerful than you need. 

We also don't want you to opt for a lower-priced item that might not give you the distance or signal strength you need.

The wrong radio can cause more harm than good. 

Your selection needs to be customized to fit your needs. 

That's why we've compiled our top three construction walkie talkies here for your review. 

We are, of course, happy to provide additional information on any of these radios. Get in touch with us via live chat with any questions. Or, if you see a radio that you really like, reach out for a free custom quote.

Motorola RMU2040

The Motorola RMU2040 would be a perfect radio for your construction site if you...

  • Have users who are rough with their radios
  • Work in an area less than 250,000 square feet
  • Need to send a signal around steel and concrete
  • Require hands-free operation

This is a UHF radio with four channels. You can segment your staff into four different groups for more effective communication. 

The RMU2040 is a machine that pushes out the sound with two watts of power and an outdoor range of up to two miles. 

It also has an indoor range of 20 floors or up to 250,000 square feet.

The device uses lithium-ion batteries. So you’re going to have power throughout the day. It also comes with a standing charging tray, a wall charger that plugs into power outlets, and a belt clip. 

This is a radio that performs under harsh or stressful conditions with a strength of signal which easily gets around concrete and steel.

Make no mistake about it; this is one sturdy radio. 

Its military-grade hardware is composed of materials that meet the MIL-STD 810 and IP-55 standards. That means it can take a licking and keep on ticking. 

It comes with 219 different privacy codes that protect against interference and crosstalk. You won’t have to worry about hobbyists or any competitors interfering with your signal. 

The customized channel announcement feature also allows you to operate the device hands-free. Your workers won't have to put down their power tools to have a conversation. 

Productivity for everyone!

If you think that the Motorola RMU2040 would be perfect for your construction crew, reach out to us for a free customized quote

Motorola RDU4100

The Motorola RDU4100 is a radio that you should consider if your construction site...

  • Has a large workforce
  • Extends up to three miles
  • Has a reliable battery and battery packs
  • Requires Military-Grade toughness
  • Won't mind a heavier device if it comes with increased power. 

This is a powerhouse UHF radio. 

First off, it features 10 different channels. It can clearly handle a sizable workforce. 

With 4 watts of power, it sends sound out with a lot of energy.

Think of it like a major league pitcher throwing a fastball. That signal is getting where it needs to go.

It has an outdoor range of up to three miles and an indoor range of 30 floors or up to 350,000 square feet. 

This is the power-packed radio that you want when you're looking for distance. 

Of course, there is a trade-off. 

It is slightly heavier than the RMU2040, but it packs so much more power.

And, like the 2040, it can take a severe pounding. 

You're looking at a military-grade case with a metal die-cast chassis covered in polycarbonate. It meets the MIL-STD 810 C-F standards.

That means it can stand up to a combat mission. 

This walkie talkie can withstand being submerged in mud or dropped from scaffolding. It can even take a blast from a firehose. 

This is a device that can get around walls, trees, vehicles, and work well in a building. 

The RMU4100 also covers 89 business radio frequencies with privacy codes.

If you think that the Motorola RMU4100 is perfect for your construction site, contact us for a free custom quote

Motorola RDU4160d

The Motorola RDU4160d is an excellent choice for your construction radio if...

  • You have a massive workforce that needs a lot of segmentation
  • You have an extensive work area that extends up to three miles
  • You need a good battery life
  • You may need to use a repeater to increase the range
  • You're working in multiple buildings

This is a UHF 4-watt powerhouse of a device. 

It has a whopping 16 channels to choose from, so go nuts and hire a lot of workers. 

The outdoor range on this one goes up to three miles with an indoor range of 30 floors and 350,000 square feet. It travels all that distance while producing clear and reliable sound. 

And this radio is repeater-capable if you need to expand the coverage area. 

It's also super tough. 

Like, super duper tough.

This is another heavy-duty portable radio with a metal die-cast chassis that comes wrapped in a polycarbonate overmold. 

We're talking about a walkie talkie that can withstand a blast from high powered water jets.

This is another piece of military grade hardware, meeting MIL-STF 810 C, D, E, and F standards. If it’s tough enough for war it’s tough enough for a construction site.

The RDU4160d can withstand shock, extreme temperatures, and extreme vibration.

If you need the awesome power of the Motorola RDU4160d on your construction site, speak with us directly to get a free personalized quote.

FAQs About Construction Radios

1. What is the Best Construction Radio?

When trying to determine the best site radio, you have to look at many factors.

  1. They should be built for use both indoors and outdoors
  2. They should have a reliable battery life and a fast battery charger
  3. UHF radios work best
  4. They should include multiple channels to communicate with various groups
  5. Look for a unit that is repeater capable of boosting distance
  6. Needs to be durable, military-grade hardware

Our recommendations are: 

2. How Waterproof are Construction Radios?

Construction crews have to be able to work in any condition, so your radio should be able to withstand the rain.

Our three recommendations, the Motorola RMU2040, RDU4100, and RDU4160d, are all water resistant and can withstand a blast from a firehose. However, none of these choices can be completely submerged in water. 

3. Why Do You Need A Construction Radio?

On a job site, you need to be able to communicate seamlessly. That includes workers who are both inside and outside.

You have to be able to communicate around both concrete and steel with the same clear sound as a smartphone. This prevents a slowdown of work. Finishing jobs faster means you can take on more jobs. More jobs mean more profits. 

Efficiency is valued in a construction job, and radios help you operate with enhanced efficiency. 

It's also a safety issue. A construction radio will let you communicate easily in the event of an emergency. You won't have to go running to find someone. 

4. What is the Best Construction Radio For Me?

This is a very complicated question. That's because every job site has different needs. 

Different devices can be the best for different companies. What might be a perfect choice for one crew might be a disaster for another. 

If you have a smaller workforce, then the 4-channel RMU2040 would be ideal. But a more substantial workforce would need something like the RDU4160d because it has a more extended range and up to 16 channels.

We at Tech Wholesale pride ourselves on matching companies with the right radio for their specific needs. Contact us today to receive a personalized quote. You can also call us at 888-925-5982, chat with us on our website, or fill out our contact form.

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