Build a Greater Profit Margin with Two-Way Radios for Construction

Join 100,000+ businesses that have saved millions of dollars in employee-hours by using radios on your construction sites and in your headquarters. In this guide, you'll learn about the cost-saving advantages of construction radio systems for internal communications.    

For construction companies with multiple workers at a remote job site, communication is key. The ability to relay instructions, specifications and design changes can mean the difference between getting a project completed perfectly, on time and on budget with one that requires time-consuming reworking and going over budget costs, which can take a bite out of profits.

There are many instances when a two-way walkie-talkie for construction sites comes in handy. If a worker runs out of materials or discovers a problem in the middle of a job, they can notify a supervisor who may be working in a different part of the building. Construction workers building or renovating a large industrial complex can communicate with each other over two-way construction walkie-talkie radios to coordinate their efforts, leading to greater productivity and increased efficiency. A job supervisor can quickly communicate with their workers to notify them of a change in specifications, a potential problem or a special request from the client. When people are working together and freely communicating, everything runs more smoothly, and this leads to fewer slowdowns, a more timely completion, happier customers and a larger profit for the business.

Rugged Construction Radios That Stand Up in Challenging Conditions
Radios for construction sites have particular requirements beyond those for a retail business or office building. Indoors, the radio signal must easily penetrate concrete and steel structures, but they're also frequently used outdoors, occasionally under harsh conditions, so they need to be especially durable, reliable and long-lasting. For outdoor ruggedness, Tech Wholesale recommends two-way radios that meet rigorous military specifications. The Motorola RMU2040, Motorola RDU4100 and the Motorola RDU4160d are all military-grade radios designed for tough duty. Most of the high performance radios in Kenwood's ProTalk line are also designed to meet stringent military requirements. With a radio built for military use, you won't have to worry about moisture or airborne debris, and they also have a high resistance to shock, vibration and temperature variations.

Motorola and Kenwood are the best names in the business when considering two-way radios for construction sites. You'll find them at low, factory-direct prices at Tech Wholesale, along with an expert customer service team that can knowledgeably answer your questions and help you select the perfect system that meets your requirements.

UHF Radios for Indoor and Outdoor Use
UHF radios for construction will give you the ultimate flexibility, providing a powerful signal both inside steel- and concrete-reinforced buildings and in outdoor open areas. These are the type of radios to use when your work takes you inside and outside repeatedly and you want a consistently strong signal.

Multi-Channel Radios for Multiple Groups
If you have multiple groups of workers in different sections of a large building, multi-channel radios can be used to communicate internally within a particular group as well as externally to other groups. You can choose from a compact and lightweight 2-watt, 4-channel radio or a beefier 4-watt radio with more channels and greater reach, depending upon your needs.

Repeater Capable Radios
For larger work sites, 4-watt radios with repeater capability are ideal for long-range communications. Using these radios with a repeater lets you increase the coverage considerably over a greater area and over rough terrain, while maintaining power and clarity.

Advanced Features of Construction Radios
There are other advanced features of Tech Wholesale's radios for construction site use that make them ideal for demanding job environments. These high-end business radios use exclusive frequencies that have been set aside by the FCC specifically for businesses. This eliminates the interference you frequently get with consumer radios that are used by families, and at times, young children playing on them. Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) gives you hands-free operation so you can keep working while you speak.

Enhance productivity, minimize confusion over project specifications and get the job done right the first time with a professional two-way radio system from Tech Wholesale.