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Optimize the sleek efficiency and portability of Motorola CLS two-way radios with high performance accessories. Motorola CLS radios are a cinch to operate with a convenient display screen and streamlined design. They're built to eliminate any learning curve so new workers can get up to speed immediately. Why not make them super comfortable to wear throughout the workday? CLS radio accessories sync with the way your business and your employees work, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency for your enterprise.

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Choose from earpieces or earbuds with microphones, shoulder mics and headsets with boom and swivel mics. Earpieces allow discrete and private conversations, which is essential for wait staff, hotel workers, retail clerks and others who are busy servicing the public and must have a professional appearance at all times. For those who don't like wearing something in their ear, there is a remote speaker microphone that can be clipped to the shoulder and easily operated while not losing a beat. If you're looking for a Motorola CLS1410 earpiece, the Motorola RLN6423/HKLN4606 earpiece microphone is made for those who need to communicate in noisy work areas. The CLS swivel belt holster is another must-have accessory for the comfort and efficiency of service workers and other personnel who are always on the move.

For managers and business owners, we know how to get the most from your flock of CLS two-way radios. Products like the CLS multi-unit charger, replacement lithium ion battery and  drop-in charger with wall charger adapter add flexibility and power to the life of your CLS radio batteries. They'll help keep your important internal communications fully operational at all times.

Tech Wholesale offers the wide range of CLS walkie-talkie accessories you'd expect from a company with more than a decade of experience in business radio accessories. CLS radio accessories make using your CLS walkie-talkies second nature. When staffers can work with their handheld radios in an organic way, they'll thank you with high job performance.

If you have any questions about which business radio accessories will work in your work environment, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We're here to assist you in making the right choice for your CLS radio accessories.

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