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Radios for childcare facilities make perfect sense, especially in a busy facility with unique challenges where communication is the key to well-informed, efficient staff, happy children and satisfied parents. Join the thousands of businesses and organizations that have seen approval ratings and profitability soar after introducing a high performance walkie-talkie system. Your organization will experience healthy growth with high-quality two-way radios for a childcare facility.

The Many Facets of Childcare - Two-Way Radios Can Help!
Depending on its size, a childcare facility might serve babies and children of various ages and have multiple activities going on simultaneously. This is why communication between teachers, the staff RN, drivers, food specialists and cooks, counselors and receptionists must be instantaneous and effective. Whether it's a supervisor notifying a cook of a particular child's food allergy, a teacher alerting the nurse of a sick child or the manager of the facility relaying important instructions to the entire staff, this communication is vital for a smooth and successful operation.

Best Two-Way Radio for a Childcare Facility
The high-tech yet user-friendly Motorola CLS radio has been an industry standard for more than 10 years. Its advanced features, such as a compact size, compatibility with earpiece microphones and interference eliminator codes, make it perfect for a small to mid-sized business. Hands-free operation lets workers stay efficient while being able to ask and answer questions with the touch of a button. They've been extremely popular, with business-exclusive frequencies and a range of up to 200,000 square feet outdoors and 15 floors indoors.

The CLS is a well-designed two-way radio, made to be easy to use, which helps a busy childcare facility get new staff members up and running at maximum efficiency in no time.

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