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Making it in the catering world takes good taste, business savvy, and a 5-star reputation! Want word-of-mouth advertising to work for you? Make sure you put your best foot forward with professional customer service at every event. Being in the public eye is just the nature of the catering business, so make sure your servers provide quick and smooth customer service by giving them tools, like two-way radios for catering.

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Two-way radios for caterers will allow your front of the house servers to let kitchen staff know what they need and when they need it, so guests’ requests are met. Communicating with two-way radios will help servers maximize efficiency and work an easier shift. One of the best attributes of two-way radios for catering is the channel scanning capability that allows supervisors to monitor all channels for the quickest response to issues and concerns. Catering supervisors use two-way radios to stay on top of inventory and ensure that coffee and tea dispensers are always full, the bread never gets low, and if more napkins or silverware are needed. No more running around your catering business like a chicken with your head cut off. Choose your two-way radio accessories and units from Tech Wholesale for a boost to your business.

In fact, Motorola had your business in mind when they came out with their new CLP series radios that are designed for public facing service professionals in the catering, hospitality, and restaurant industries. Of course, all of Motorola’s handheld radios are light enough to clip to a belt or holster. offers a whole host of two-way radio accessories that will allow you and your catering staff to customize your two-way radio experience to fit the way you want to work. A discreet ear-piece and microphone add a touch of polish to a professional appearance that says your catering service brought its A-game. With two-way radios for caterers, your business is sure to attract some attention.

Here are the best radios for handling catering events. Because all will cover your area, we'd recommend looking at size and cost of each. (CLP are the smallest, CLS, still quite small and the larger, more durable RDX and RM series radios follow). The vast majority of caterers purchase the CLS or CLP radios.

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