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Two-way radios for casinos keep your staff efficient so they can better service your customers. Learn what thousands of organizations already know - that a small investment in business radios pays for itself in a few months in terms of customer satisfaction and increased business. When you bet on high performance radios for casinos, you'll win big.

Walkie-Talkies for Casinos: Providing the VIP Experience
Customer service is important in every business, but if you own or manage a casino, it's especially important to cater to your clients' needs and be proactive in giving them exceptional service. This is why casino walkie-talkies are very important. With secure, discreet radio communications, gaming dealers at the tables can speak to their supervisors, getting answers to questions and voicing any concerns, without leaving their post or alarming customers. Security staff can alert the rest of their team to any suspicious behavior, while bartenders can send word that a particular liquor needs to be replenished, without missing a beat. There are other kinds of employees at a casino, such as valet dispatchers, hosts and hostesses, cooks and chefs, waiters and busboys, slot technicians, etc., and everyone must in close contact to keep the establishment running smoothly.

The Best Two-Way Radios for Casinos
For large facilities, the Motorola RDU4100 is highly recommended. This UHF radio can cover up to 30 floors indoors and has 10 channels, so different groups of employees (restaurant staff, casino floor personnel, cleaning crew, security team, etc.) can each have their own channel. This is an extremely rugged radio, built to exacting military specifications for resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust and moisture. It also withstands jets of water. In addition, the radio can be used with a repeater for additional range.

The Motorola DLR and Motorola DTR digital radios are the walkie-talkie of the future. They operate at 900MHz and do not require an FCC license. With no screens or moving parts, these radios are extremely durable, and they have the inner workings of professional-grade $600+ radios. Digital radios provide crystal clear communication with no static, and they're small and compact. They only use 1 watt, yet they have the power of a 4-watt UHF radio, covering up to 300,000 square feet indoors or 3 miles outdoors. They also let you speak to one person individually in addition to an entire group.

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