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Two-way radios for car washes improve employee communication, leading to greater efficiency, faster work turnaround, happier customers and greater profits. Spend a few minutes reading this articles and join the thousands of businesses that have discovered how two-way radios enhance customer service. Introduce your team to radios for car washes and clean up the competition.

Why Are Two-Way Radios for Car Washes a Smart Decision?

Depending upon the size of the car wash, the business might have various employees greeting customers, washing, waxing and cleaning interiors. There may be supervisors, a general manager, a cashier and a receptionist. The company runs most efficiently when there's good communication between all parties. For example, a staff member out in the garage bay working on a car might have a question for their supervisor. Rather than leaving the job to track them down, they're just a button push away on the two-way radio. If the receptionist receives a parts or supplies order, she can let the supervisor know quickly, rather than leaving her post. Cleaners and detailers can stay busy and not be slowed down, yet still be instantly available, with compact, lightweight walkie-talkies for car washes.

The Best Two-Way Radios for Car Washes

The Motorola CLS two-way radios has been the industry standard for 10+ years, widely used in busy jobs such as car washes, auto dealerships, childcare facilities, restaurants and retail stores. This is because it's small, lightweight, economical and easy to use. It has many features, such as hands-free communication (compatible with earpiece microphones), business-exclusive frequencies and private line codes, yet it's very user-friendly. This is especially helpful for car washes that have students working in the summer months and a high turnover rate. These radios will allow them to get up and running quickly.

Digital radios such as the Motorola DLR Series have become extremely popular in recent years, in many cases supplanting the CLS, due to their compact size, durability, cell phone features and super-clear signal. With a DLR two-way radio, you can reply privately to an individual and make a direct call to a single person, as you would with a cell phone. With just 1 watt, you'll have the power and signal range of a 4-watt UHF radio. Also, a digital radio signal is extremely clear with zero static, and since DLR radios use digital technology and operate on the 900MHz frequency, they do not require an FCC license. This saves both time and money.

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