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Supercharge your customer service or boost workplace efficiency with easy-to-use call boxes for immediate attention. They can be used outside a locked door for delivery people, at strategic locations inside a big box store or in different locations of a large office building or industrial complex. Call boxes may be placed anywhere in your building. When a person presses the wireless call button on a call box, a message is immediately sent to the appropriate employees carrying two-way radios.

For instance, if a customer presses the call box button in the lighting section because they need help, the employees will hear "Customer needs assistance in the lighting area" on their two-way radios.

The particular model of wireless call box we carry works with our Motorola radios. EasyAssist is an instantly deployable call button that makes communicating any message from any location as easy as pressing a button. The EasyAssist brings efficiency and simplicity to your customers and other employees. Your personnel will remain accessible to the rest of your team and your customers while improving productivity and enhancing the user experience.

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