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Two-way radios for breweries can greatly improve your business communications for greater efficiency, smoother operations and increased profits. Take a few minutes to learn how using a two-way radio system will help you create an organization that's better attuned to the needs of your staff, suppliers, distributors and customers. Discover what thousands of companies and organizations already know - that a robust radio system is a key ingredient in brewing success!

Best Two-Way Radios for Breweries
As an Authorized Dealer for Motorola radios, Tech Wholesale is uniquely qualified to make a recommendation of the best two-way radios for breweries. Since a brewery will likely have facilities both indoors and outdoors, we recommend UHF rather than VHF radios. UHF radio waves can better penetrate concrete, wood and steel, giving you a stronger signal. The Motorola RDU4100 UHF radios are industrial strength, built for challenging environments. They're manufactured to military specification MIL-STD 810 C, D, E and F for vibration, shock, dust, wind and extreme temperatures. They also exceed IP-54/55 standards, able to withstand high-powered jets of water.

If you're looking for a smaller, easy-to-use walkie-talkie that can be discreetly worn on a uniform, a Motorola CLS radio is an excellent choice. They're compact, lightweight, easy to use and highly affordable.

Another option is to go digital. The Motorola DLR Series and DTR Series digital radios operate on the 900MHz frequency band, which doesn't require an FCC license. The digital technology makes these radios secure and powerful, giving you the power of a 4-watt radio with just 1 watt. With a digital two-way radio, you can also speak to people individually in addition to speaking with an entire group.

Two-Way Radios: Brewery Uses
There are many instances where a robust two-way radio would come in handy in a brewery operation. A production supervisor would be able to notify a manager if there was a problem or if they needed assistance, without having to leave the machinery. They could also call down to a stock room for supplies, without losing any valuable work time. A tour guide can call a manager with questions or check on the production status to create a smoother and more enjoyable tour for the public.

Tour Radios for Breweries
Are you giving a brewery tour to a group and want to make sure everyone hears you clearly (without having to shout)? You can easily address the entire group with one of our group tour radio systems. From Listen Technologies, these radio systems are specially designed for those who are leading a group tour and wants to make sure that everyone stays together and hears the same information.

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