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Free your team from clumsy and unsightly two-way radio wires with these sleek and elegant Bluetooth radios. They use the latest wireless technology that's now prevalent in smartphones, computers, tablets, media players, DVRs and other devices. With a Bluetooth two-way radio, a waiter can communicate with the chef to get updates about that evening's menu items, and can let the front hostess know that a table is now ready, while all their customers will notice is the impeccable service. A busy construction team can move between their office headquarters, building supply stores and remote job sites while carrying tools and equipment, staying in constant communication with co-workers without worrying about wires and cords getting tangled. A retail clerk can quietly speak with warehouse staff and their manager while presenting a neat, professional appearance to customers. Read More
Bluetooth two-way radios are perfect for any company that's busy with internal communications while needing to maintain a professional appearance for customers, clients or patients. It is especially ideal for medical and dental offices, car dealerships and hospitality businesses such as hotels and special events planners.

Motorola Bluetooth radios offer the very latest in advanced technology and exceptional performance. The sleek Motorola CLP series is lightweight and compact with an internal antenna, making it easy to wear inconspicuously with any dress code or uniform. Since there's no internal speaker, outside parties do not hear internal communications. The Bluetooth-enabled CLP1060 takes this discreet two-way radio one step further with its wireless design. Yet even with its small size, it has an outdoor range of up to 100,000 square feet and indoor range of 10 floors. It can also be used with a repeater to expand the range.

The package includes a Bluetooth pod (the communication device for the Bluetooth system), Bluetooth charging cradle and power supply and Bluetooth swivel earpiece with microphone. These devices all work together to provide unparalleled wireless communications.

For the most portable, flexible and discreet company communications, outfit your team with Motorola Bluetooth radios. You'll immediately notice the increased efficiency, satisfied customers and higher profits.

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