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In a variety of industries and settings, the reliable two-way radio remains the most trusted communication tool available. These portable radios and walkie-talkies make it easy to stay in touch with others, and provide a clear way of relaying messages to fellow employees, associates, and coworkers. There are instances, however, during which the convenience and dependability of a two-way radio is a necessity for your business or organization, but not the portability of standard walkie-talkies that you might use out in the field. On such occasions, you want a base station radio. At TechWholesale, we have the best selection of Motorola radio base station products available.

We are recognized as a leading supplier of two-way radios and walkie-talkies for professional and personal uses. Not only do we offer a full line of radios and base stations for purchase, but we also employ only the most knowledgeable associates to help you with all your radio needs. We can assist you in determining whether a portable walkie-talkie or a Motorola base radio is best for your needs. Just tell us the kind of business that you run and the employee needs that you typically encounter, and we can point you to the right radio.

As a general rule, a Motorola radio base station is best used in environments in which radio communication is necessary, but where not much moving around is required. Receptionists and other office staff who are sitting at their desks all day, for example, do not need a portable radio. They just need a base station that sits on or near their desk. For such purposes, you can buy a Ritron Jobcom UHF base station and save money. If the majority of your employees and associates work outdoors, outfit them with VHF radios and supply stationary personnel with a Ritron Jobcom VHF base station. These base stations will communicate with Motorola RDX, XTN and AX Series business radios and it's equally important to get the proper version, UHF or VHF.

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