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In auto sales, two-way radios can supercharge your sales force for greater customer satisfaction and higher profits. Join thousands of businesses that harness the power of walkie-talkies to beat the competition and achieve their sales goals in a few short months.

Premium Two-Way Radios for Auto Sales Companies
When you're in auto sales, every second counts. From the moment a customer enters your showroom, you must be able to answer all their questions and give them your undivided attention in order in addition to a great deal in order to close the sale. How can you do this? With a robust walkie-talkie system to keep you always connected with your team. Two-way radios for auto sales groups lets a salesman check with their manager to see if they can accept a customer's offer on a particular vehicle. They can also discreetly speak with the financing director while staying close to their customer to respond to their inquiries. A receptionist at the front desk can broadcast to the sales force that someone needs assistance. Fast service means greater customer satisfaction, increased sales - and a happy consumer is far more likely to recommend your auto dealership to friends and co-workers.

Recommended Radios for Auto Sales Use
A busy auto sales dealership needs two-way radios that offer a clear signal and advanced features while still being small enough to be comfortably worn on a belt clip and used in a discreet, hands-free way. The following Motorola radios fit the bill, combining power with convenience. The Motorola CLP1040 is amazingly small and lightweight. It includes a belt clip and adjustable earpiece with inline PTT (push-to-talk) microphone. With 4 channels, you can assign each work group their own channel on which to communicate. The CLP1040 can be used with a repeater for additional coverage. Choose a Motorola CLS Series radio if you want an especially easy-to-use radio that supports voice activated transmission with the same business-exclusive frequencies as the CLP.

The Motorola DLR1060 digital radio takes business communications one step further, with a license-free alternative that's both powerful and energy efficient. With digital radios, you can speak to someone individually as you would on a cell phone or broadcast to groups. The signal is very clear and static-free throughout the entire range of the radio.

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