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The perfect two-way radio for an assisted living facility is one that can keep staff discreetly connected while being attentive to residents' needs. Better communication leads to a smoother operation, greater customer satisfaction and increased business. A two-way radio system for assisted living facility use will pay for itself in a few short months.

Assisted Living Facility Two-Way Radios for Exceptional Service
A well-run assisted living community requires many skilled professionals to be successful. In any efficient company, communication is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business. When employees are able to get their questions answered immediately and supervisors can pull their team together quickly and relate important information, the entire organization can do a better job. Aides, caregivers, nurses, doctors, housecleaning staff, security and others who assist and support their residents are far more effective with high performance two-way radios.

Recommended Walkie-Talkies for Assisted Living Facilities
The ability to speak discreetly without being overheard by assisted living residents and without disturbing them is of great importance. Radios in an assisted living facility must be able to cover a large area, both indoors and outdoors, and they must be small and lightweight so that they can be comfortably worn as part of a uniform. For these requirements, we recommend the Motorola CLP1040, Motorola CLS1110, Motorola CLS1410 and Motorola DLR1060 two-way radios.

Small, Lightweight, Discreet and Powerful Assisted Living Radios
For comfortable and convenient portable use, the Motorola CLP1040 and Motorola CLS Series radios are ideal. They're extremely compact and lightweight, can be hidden on a uniform and are fully compatible with an earpiece and push-to-talk (PTT) microphone. This allows for hands-free use and discreet, private communication. The Motorola DLR1060 is also quite small, but as a digital radio, it offers many unique advantages. This includes the ability to speak to people individually in addition to broadcasting to groups, and it can be used without an FCC license.

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