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Motorola RDM2080d 8-Channel, 2-Watt VHF Radio

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Plus, a high-end lithium-ion battery and stand-up charger with every business radio we sell.

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Motorola RDM2080d Two-way VHF Radio

  • VHF band, 2-Watts, 8 Channels, 5 preset business friendly frequencies: 151.820 MHz, 151.880 MHz, 151.940 MHz, 154.570 MHz, 154.600 MHz.

  • No need for an FCC business license!

  • Conduct business or just enjoy across 220,000sq.ft and up to 13 floors!

  • 84 digital interference elimination codes and 39 programmable analogue interference elimination codes.

  • Voice activated, handsfree (VOX) capable when used with extra accessories (sold separately).

  • Clone and program your walkie-talkie settings easily using Motorola's free for download CPS (customer programming software; requires cable sold separately).

    If you need an affordable and reliable VHF business walkie-talkie, the RDM2080d should be at the top of your list of radios to consider. With the Motorola RDM 2080d, you get the big advantage of the MURS radio band: No FCC license fees!

    You also get top notch Motorola engineering! The RDM series 2-way radios are as much as 30% louder than previous XTN and AX models and offer Motorola's clearest audio signal yet. Built ready to rumble just like Motorola's RDX business radios. RDM MURS band radios are made to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f and IP 54/55 rated. What does that mean to you? It means your business walkie-talkies will handle your business in the tough conditions you encounter on the job. Extremes of temperature, shock, vibration, moisture, dust, salt and fog are no obstacle for your RDM2080d. Out on the job site, out in the wild or out on the water; you stay connected when you need to be.

    The Motorola RDM2080d packs powerful range for its 2-watt power output. You and your employees or hiking crew can communicate across up to 220,000sq. ft and up to 13 floors. Battery life for the RDM 2080d will take you through your average shift and then some with up to 12 hours on a single charge (based on the industry standard 5/5/90 duty cycle of 5% talk, 5% listen, 90% standby). Should you need a bit more from your two-way radio battery, you can always upgrade to the Ultra High Capacity battery and get up to 26 hours per full charge!

    All in all, the RDM 2080d is pretty feature sweet: voice activated (VOX) transmission capability (requires additional accessories, sold separately), 3 call alert tones, channel scan, scan channel delete, battery saver, talk confirmation tone, signal strength indicator, low battery alert, timeout timer, keypad lock, talk confirmation tone, 3 voice-inversion scramble settings and more!

    The RDM2080d's 8-channel communication allows you to separate out conversations among groups of employees focused on different tasks, so as not to distract others to whom the conversation isn't relevant. Welders on Channel 3, Dry Wall on Channel 6: you get the idea. You can even make up 8 character aliases for the different channels for quick and easy caller id, you know like: Welders, DryWall...

    Your MURS VHF band RDM 2080d features an easy to read and navigate front panel, programmable display, as well as the tri-color LED radio status light you'll find on the RDM 2020. You'll can read your radio's status at a mere glance when you're busy. The light confers: transmit, receive and low battery information. Five programmable buttons add the flexibility you want from the physical interface of your two-way radio. Set them to get quick access to the features you use most!

    Internally, your RDM 2080d is a cinch to program using Motorola's free for download CPS (customer programming software; requires additional cable sold separately) with your own PC. Of course, any help you need in configuring your radios is just a phone call or email away to us at Cloning your radio settings across multiple radios is as easy as attaching a walkie-talkie cloning cable (sold separately). Motorola RDM radios use the same two-way radio accessories as their RDX series walkie-talkies. All Motorola RDM MURS band radios feature a 2-pin accessory plug (Compatible With RDX/XTN/CLS Series).

    What comes in the box:

  • 1100 mAh Li Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 7-Hour Drop-In Charging Tray with Wall Adaptor
  • Spring Belt Clip Holster
  • User's Guide
  • Safety Leaflet
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Card

    Scroll to the bottom for images and links to all RDM series compatible accessories!

    Feature Highlights:

  • 5 Programmable Buttons
  • Front Panel Display
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Saver
  • Two Programmable Buttons
  • Timeout Timer
  • Keystroke Tone Signal
  • 3 Audible Call Tones
  • Channel Scan
  • Scan Channel Delete
  • Talk Confirmation Tone

    Who should use the RDM2080d Two-way Radio? Nature lovers and businesses large and small who want 8 channels functionality in a front panel display radio that requires no FCC license fee to operate.

    Campground Managers: Keeping kids and adults safe and happy on your campground requires no small effort on the part of many members of your campground management team. Coordinating events, maintaining trails and common spaces, guarding lives at the waterfront; all of that responsibility is on your shoulders. Truly one of the best tools you can have to ensure fun and safety at your camp is two-way radio connectivity between you and your staff. Help bringing wood to the fire or breathing life back to a drowned child are just a quick call away with your RDM 2080d radio.

    Boatyards: VHF, the natural radio frequency wave of choice for all marine communications, is also the natural choice for your boat or ship manufacturing yard. You and your staff can keep in close contact in through manufacturing and testing on the open water using the same two-way radio equipment. Everyone's skill and assistance is ready at the touch of Motorola's Push-to-talk button, as is help in a workplace health emergency.

    Medium to Large School Campuses: Keep security, maintenance and landscaping crews, administrators, volunteers and workers of every stripe in instant communication using your RDM2080d two-way radios. Your school campus is alive with the sounds of sporting, learning and merry-making. Staff walkie-talkies are the grease in the well-oiled machine.

    Small Farms: Be it animal husbandry or annual harvest, two-way radios on your small farm help save time and energy when times are tough. Communication is essential to keeping a farm running smoothly and efficiently. There's so much to do! Coordinate your farm's productivity in real time with real ease using a Motorola RDM2080d business radio.

    Construction Sites: Add walkie-talkies to the toolbelts of your construction crew and raise the ceiling on productivity and efficiency on worksite. Your employees get answers to questions from the wealth of business knowledge in your company without having to leave their post -- even without having to use their hands with a VOX capable walkie-talkie! Safety on site goes up too when construction site emergency response arrives at the push of a button!

    Hunting: Going out into the woods on a hunting trip is a lot more fun when you can stay in touch with your hunting buddies out in the wild. Two-way radio communication keeps you safer, lets you share information and allows you to coordinate beer and dinner breaks without having to guess about the availability of cell phone signal out where the deer and the antelope roam. You may not bring down a buck with your RDM 2080d, but you can at least talk about 'em with it!
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