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Motorola Discreet Earpiece and Mic - HKLN4477 / HKLN4601 (PTT/VOX)

Item # PR-HKLN4601
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Motorola HKLN4601 Description

The Motorola HKLN4478/HKLN4477/HKLN4601 discreet earpiece microphone will give your team a sophisticated appearance and an air of authority when attending to customers. This translucent and curly earpiece is the same style worn by secret service personnel and news anchors, so it immediately suggests discretion and trustworthiness. This makes it ideal for security staff, hotel concierge and reception employees. This device is compatible with Motorola DLR1020 and DRLR1060 two-way radios.

Beyond the impeccable style is an extremely useful device that features a single-wire earpiece, microphone and push-to-talk button. The rubber ear tip is comfortable for extended wear, and the earpiece provides clear sound. A major benefit of using this earpiece is that, in addition to hearing in noisy environments, others around you can't eavesdrop on sensitive business communications.

Note for Dentists: If you have masks, glasses and other items around the top of your ear, you'll approve of the design of the HKLN4601 radio earpiece and microphone. Instead of clipping off the top inch of the tube on the earpiece of most models, use this instead. This earpiece fits inside the ear and hangs down away from the top of the ear. The weight is addressed by clipping the microphone to the collar area. (Please note: Since the earpiece is worn inside the ear, unlike other models, it is non-returnable for sanitary reasons.)

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